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History of Freeland, Pa.
Freeland area mercantile listings, 1900

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Freeland area businesses listed in 1900 mercantile assessment listing

FOSTER TOWNSHIP [notice, no saloons listed in company towns - CT]

Cross Creek Coal Co., mining supplies, Drifton – retail
Cross Creek Coal Co., mining supplies, Drifton
Dodge, D. D., general, Eckley
Edwards, E. I. & Co., general
Markle, G. B. & Co., general, Jeddo
Kemmerer, M. S., general, Sandy Run
Kemmerer, M. S., powder, Sandy Run
Kemmerer, M. S., meats, Sandy Run
Wentz & Co., general, Hazle Brook
Wentz & Co., powder, Hazle Brook
Wise, George, harness, Jeddo

FREELAND BOROUGH [around 62 saloons in this list - CT]

Albert, F. H., furniture, retail
Adamchik, John, saloon
Branze, Leonard, grocery
Boyle, W. F., grocery
Berner, J. C., dry goods
Bruemingsen, S., grocery [Brueningsen]
Butterwick, A. N., jewelry
Berbreck, W., hardware [Birkbeck]
Berweck, E., hardware
Burke, P., saloon
Bellezza, John, saloon
Boyle, John C., saloon
Boyle, Wm., saloon
Breznak, John, saloon
Brown, Thos., confectionery
Bonser, Stephen, saloon
Cabbage, Nicholas, general
Campbell, C. T., general
Croll, Chas., meats
Campbell, Matthew, grocer
Capec, Anthony, grocery
Casper, Wm., saloon
Capill, Nicholas, confectionery
Davis, B. F., flour & feed
DePierro, M., saloon
Dabozinski, Jos., saloon
Defoy, Jane, saloon
Dascheck, Chas., saloon
Dieperro Bros., saloon [Depierro]
Eckert, W. J., hardware
Evans, Jonah, meats
Everett, F., saloon
Fisher, Geo., meats
Freeland Lumber Co., lumber
Freeland Beef Co., wholesale
Ferry, Mrs. Mary, saloon, retail
Fischer, George, saloon
Faustermacher, J., cigar
Gill, Daniel, dry goods
Grover, M. E., drugs
George, Henry, grocery
Gross, D., clothing
Gervenak, Michael, saloon
Gross, Samuel, cigars
Gallagher, Wm., saloon
Goepperd, Albert, saloon
Hartman, Geo. H., meats
Hudson, Stephen, meats
Hudock, Andrew, saloon
Heller, J. W., saloon
Hudock, John, saloon
Hunsicher, M. H., saloon
Hudochy, Emil, saloon
Jones, D. P., china
Jasinski, Peter, saloon
Jankins, Wm., saloon
Jones, Margaret, saloon
Kroumes, Geo., grocery
Koons, H. C., general
Krouse, Mary, saloon
Kresky, Solomon, saloon
Keilert, August, saloon [Kellert, Keliert?]
Krone, Fred, saloon
Kasarda, Andro, saloon
Kushmerich Bros., cigars
Kleitz, Michael, saloon
Kampiniski, Paul, saloon
Koch, Oliver, saloon
Keiper, Wm., cigars
Leishman, M., confectionery
Laubach, J. C., confectionery
Lloyd, L., millinery
Llewellyn, Thos., saloon
Lechak, Geo., saloon
Latz, Jos., saloon
Lazorick, Harry, saloon
Llewellyn, Thos., saloon
Lorance Bros., confectionery
McDonald, J. P., furniture
Mathers, Mrs. M. E., millinery
Maloy, Hugh, boots and shoes
Merkt, M., confectionery
McNulty, P. F., undertaker
Magagna, Peter, saloon
Miller, R., oysters and cigars
McCole, Mrs. Hannah, saloon
Malloy, James, J., saloon
Murphy, Edward, saloon
Moses, M., clothing
Marshall, Fred, cigars
Molinhy, Geo., cigars
Marchetti, Henry, tinware
McManamen, J. J., gents furnishings
Nuoberger, Joseph, clothing [Neuberger]
Norris, Philip, groceries
Novaz, Albert, saloon [Novak]
Oswald, A., general
Owen, Mrs. B., boots and shoes
O’Boyle, M. W., hardware
O’Boyle, Andy, saloon
Pasternak, Mike, saloon
Park, W. H., grocery
Polesca, Anleo, saloon [Andro?]
Reibold, Henry, dry goods
Reforwich, M., shoes
Rudewick, Stanley, cigars
Refowich, M., clothing
Ripple, John, saloon
Rudolph, Frank, saloon
Rymsga, K., saloon
Rudewick, Anthony, general
Ruchotzke, Herman, saloon
Ruyrus, John, saloon
Royan, John, groceries
Shelby, Emory, meats
Sosnowski, Jacob, meats
Schilcher, Dr. F., drugs
Stahle, Mrs. Mary, saloon
Schaub, Mrs. Conrad, confectionery
Stunz, Henry, boots
Schaek, Anton, confectionery
Smith, Mrs. M. J., millinery
[MORE NAMES BEGINNING WITH S, Y, Z FOLLOW ZADARA, BELOW - it's how the list was published]
Thomas, F., dry goods
Toszke, Jacob, saloon
Thompson, Mrs. R., dry goods
Thomas, John, cigars
Williamson, W., hardware
Woodring, S., stationery
Wenner & Son, general
Wese, Geo., harness [Wise]
Welsh, Richard, saloon
Wassi, Geo., saloon
Wehrman, Wm., jeweler
Yannes, John, saloon
Zadara, E., grocery
Sweeney, J. J., furnishing goods
Senie, Samuel, clothing
Shambra, Geo., grocery
Shigo, John, general
Sachs, Adam, saloon
Shigo, John, saloon
Shambora, Peter, saloon
Yeselssky, G., cigars
Zwolensky, Joseph, saloon


Dieperro Bros., one [Depierro]
Magagna, Peter, one
Shambora, Peter, one

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