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History of Freeland, Pa.
Christian Holiness Church

Charlie Stumpf noted that this was referred to locally as the Berger Church, built in 1889 by Emmanuel Berger for the Christian Holiness Church, an independent religious sect. [I am wondering whether the builder could possibly have been Amandus K. Burger rather than Emmanuel Berger? Will look into this further. -- CT] After Freeland's buildings were renumbered the address was 911 Centre Street, just above Chestnut Street. According to Stumpf, this building was later purchased by the Bethel Baptist congregation to be used briefly as headquarters until their new church was erected. [I am also questioning that, as I thought they were meeting at Lindsay's Hall until the church was built; will look into it further. -- CT] Some time later the building was bought by the Freeland Shirt Company, for whom it served as their first factory. It was later used as an annex housing their storage and cutting departments.  The Freeland Shirt Co. Annex was gutted by fire in November 1931.

In 1897 it was listed in the city directory as the Holiness Christian Association, north Centre street, J. Austin, pastor. In the same directory, this listing appears for the pastor's residence: Austin, W. P., pastor, Holiness Christian Church, home Highland road. The Christian Holiness Church appears on Sanborn Fire Insurance maps in 1900, 1905 and 1912 just as it appears in the map crop here from the 1900 map, showing the old address numbering.

In a Standard Speaker article from October 21, 1974 about the 100th anniversary of the Park United Methodist Church, there is this sentence: "It is interesting to note that a Primitive Church group met for a while on Centre Street where the old Abrams mill now stands." Really? Was this building still standing in 1974? It was almost directly across the street from Herkalo's store. See below.

Finally, in a photo from Colleen Tatar showing a school groundbreaking ceremony at St. Ann's in 1929, this building is shown at right, noticed by Cal Herring after I posted the photo on facebook to solicit information on what occasion had been captured in the photograph. Thank you, Colleen, for this copy of your father's photo, and thank you, Cal, for your eagle eye and good memory!

Sanborn map detail, 1900 St. Ann's school, etc. groundbreaking, 1929 Freeland Shirt Company Annex, 1929

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