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History of Freeland, Pa.
Central Hotel news

From one of the Hazleton newspapers, May 11, 1927:

NEWS OF THE NORTH SIDE - George McGee, Manager, Freeland, Pa.


Old Timers Would Be Surprised To See How Things Have Been Made At Central Hotel

Old Landmark Obliterated -- In the renovation work of the Central Hotel in Freeland now going on an old landmark is being obliterated. The shade tree that stood on the sidewalk in front of the hostelry for over a half century was cut down by a force of workmen yesterday afternoon. During the many years when the Central Hotel was a popular public resort, its guests were accustomed to spend the warm summer evenings basking in the shade of the tree that stood on the sidewalk to discuss public events and business enterprises. Now, however, in the work of renovation the frontage of the hotel has been extended to the building line on the sidewalk and the old tree became an obstacle to pedestrians, hence its elimination. The drinking fountain that stood on the sidewalk in front of the Central Hotel in the days when horses were the chief mode of transportation, also must go in obedience to modern requirements.

The wide front porch and veranda where many political rallies were held in the past is also gone and the political spell-binders of the future will be compelled to hire a hall or orate from a soap box. Such are the changes effected by modern industrial and business requirements.

The building which is owned by Gallagher and Abrams has been lowered to the level of the sidewalk and four store rooms now constitute the first floor. On account of being a desirable business location near the trolley terminal the store rooms will no doubt be a paying investment. The Central Hotel property has a frontage of 70 feet and extends westward from Centre to Ridge street an approximate distance of 300 feet. It is an ideal site for a large department store or a modern theatre and will no doubt be the scene of some big business enterprise in years to come.

If Milton Hunsinger and "Papa" Heiney, former managers of the hostelry, were to return to Freeland it is doubtful if they could recognize the renovated Central Hotel.

And from a newspaper dated June 14, 1933:

Opening Of Central Hotel Held

A large crowd attended the formal opening of the Central Hotel last evening, that is now under the management of Charley Malloy. Dancing and entertainment was featured throughout the evening and all in all the proprietor had a very successful opening.

The interior of the hotel has been remodeled and the new owner plans to have dancing in the main dining room every night with an orchestra featured.

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