Support Innovative DNA Nanotechnology Research

Bottom-up assembly of nanostructured materials enables the creation of responsive materials with nanometric feature control, and these nanosystems have potential to transform how we manufacture as well as how we diagnose and treat disease. To that end, the Microsystems and Mechanobiology Lab is pushing the limits of nucleic acid-based nanotechnologies for applications in both bioengineering as well as advanced manufacturing. Your generous support goes entirely to the Microsystems and Mechanobiology Lab supporting our transformative research.


What Donation Can Support

  • Seed high-risk, high-reward efforts developing biosensors and therapeutics.

  • Help us decode the "language of cell membranes" to better engineer interactions with cells and tissues.

  • Enable hybrid top-down and bottom-efforts to give microfabricated systems novel capabilities by integrating them with self-assembled responsive nanostructures.

  • Create synthetic xeno nucleic acid nanotechnology without the limitations of traditional DNA nanosystems.

  • Train the next generation of DNA nanotechnologists.

  • Support design and characterization of novel DNA nanostructures.

  • Apply nanostructures and nanomachines to advanced manufacturing and bioengineering.

Specific Requests

Please contact Prof. Taylor if you would like to make a specific funding request.