Weekly Lab Meetings

MMBL group meetings are a weekly venue for sharing our work with our peers, getting helpful feedback and fresh perspectives on difficult problems, and for continually improving our communication skills in a friendly environment. Every week, we ask two members to present - one student presents on some aspect of their research and the other student presents a journal article or similar publication. Presenters are encouraged to bring visual aids to help with their presentations if appropriate. It also helps if students presenting new journal articles can send them out in advance for the group to read!

In general, we ask that members choose to follow one of the three styles listed below for their talks. Please clarify before beginning your presentation if you want the audience to ask questions during your talk or if you would like them to hold their questions towards the end. A designated timekeeper will be responsible for keeping the meeting on track by managing audience questions and the presenters.

Talk Styles

  • 2 min: A quick research overview highlighting a specific project, its importance, and a few targeted specifics.

  • 12 min: A standard, conference-esque presentation discussing recent research (or journal article) with moderate detail.

  • 20 min: An in-depth presentation of the researcher's work (or journal article).

If you are using slides, please number them so that it is easier for the audience to ask questions on specific material later.


Group members with access permissions can edit this google sheets file here

Upcoming Conferences