Tito's paper on improved shape annealing of DNA origami has been published in the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design!

Congratulations to Bolutito Babatunde on her recent paper An Improved Shape Annealing Algorithm for the Generation of Coated Deoxyribonucleic Acid Origami Nanostructures being published in the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design. This joint project with co-advisor Prof. Jon Cagan has been an exciting adventure to explore a new approach for the automated design of DNA origami.

Many thanks to JMD for the invitation to publish in this special issue highlighting top papers from the 2023 IDETC International Design Engineering Technical Conference!

We captured the moment of celebration as Tito submitted the final revised version of the paper to JMD!


College of Engineering celebration for Marc DeGraef and Rebecca Taylor

The CMU College of Engineering recently celebrated the naming of Prof. Marc DeGraef as the John and Claire Bertucci Distinguished Professor in Engineering and Prof. Taylor as the Ansys Career Development Associate Professor in Engineering.

Many thanks to Ansys for this tremendous honor. Details on this chair and partnership are available via the press release entitled Ansys and Carnegie Mellon University Name Professor Rebecca Taylor to Inaugural Ansys Career Development Chair in Engineering. This announcement was also covered by bizjournals.com in article Ansys endows chair at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Weitao Wang has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis!

Today Dr. Weitao Wang successfully defended his thesis entitled "Cell Membrane Engineering with Structural DNA Nanotechnology". Congratulations and fantastic work, Weitao!

Weitao's thesis committee included Prof. Rebecca Taylor, co-advisor Prof. Charlie Ren along with Prof. Markus Deserno and Prof. Phil LeDuc.