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SITE :Pene Buzzard - Concrete Block (NZ)



  PROPOSAL FOR SITE BY: Adeline Rowley  

Overview:Self reliant transportation based on the origins of the car- to make a wooden cart out of scrap wood and found materials as much as possible. Use the Cart as your transportation for a day from school to garage/and back again to school. Arrive in the morning in the cart (or whenever you normally would arrive for your day) and Take all of the things that you have in your car (which you normally transport) along with you in your cart and leave them in the wooden cart during the day.

1) History of the wheel used for transportation:

2) building the Car use instructions from Use directions for TR24 simple low cost wooden ox cart

these instructions are meant to be used in areas with few resources- carts are common transport for people who do not use cars or in urban areas where cars are not as feasable (peddler's carts).

but attach a 3rd wheel at the front of the center wood beam so that it may move without you pulling it, and you may sit in the cargo area of the cart and move the cart while sitting down in it. (see drawings) attached

or make a simplified cart if the TR24 cart is too difficult/complex to make you can make a cart from the simple cart plans I drew (see attachment)

3) performance with Cart:
Place all of the objects you have in your car currently, (receipts, bottles, car supplies, whatever) in the cart.

"drive" the cart from the place where you built it (school) to the parking garage early in the day as if you normally would when going to school and parking your car. Buy a parking spot for the day for the cart (or if that is not possible bypass the entry system and park it in a spot without paying) Park for the day in the parking lot and then come back at the end of the day, and then drive your cart for at least 3 blocks, then have the camera person stop following you and "drive off into the distance" by continuing to move away from the camera until you cannot be seen, while the camera person is filming from a fixed location. Preferably this would be filmed at/near sunset.

If anyone asks "what are you doing?" or says anything to you during the performance say, "I am living in the future" if they continue to ask questions say "the future is the past"

if no one initiates conversation do not speak. You may talk normally to the parking attendant in order to get/pay for the parking spot.

(If it is not possible to "drive" the cart all the way from school, start at least 3 blocks from the parking garage and then drive it the rest of the way, same goes with on the way back from garage)

4) Documentation:

Have another person film the performance. Turn on the camera when you get on the cart and start "driving" to the parking garage, have the camera person follow you to the parking spot. filming all the way. when you park the cart for the day to leave it, have the person filming next to the car and film you walking away from the cart until you are out of sight, then turn off the video camera. Have the camera person take with a digital camera at least 5 high quality images of the cart in situation in the parking garage before leaving.

at the end of the day, take at least 5 high quality photos of the cart at different angles with a digital camera when you return. have the camera person return to filming next to the cart and film you walking around a corner or something into the view of the cart, walk up to the cart, and then have the camera person follow you as you "drive" out of the garage with the cart and pay for parking or whatever you do to exit the garage. Have the camera person follow you for at least 3 blocks after leaving the parking garage. After 3 or more blocks, have the camera person stop, while you continue to drive away. The camera person should continue to film until you are out of sight, then they turn the camera off.

6) after finishing the project you can keep the cart or destroy it. It is up to you to decide
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