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Addy Mays - Victoria Park Skate Board Ramp (NZ)



Victoria Park street area 360 M2 consist of a new 100mm smooth concrete slab with three ledges and one corner Ledge this park was designed for the inner city skaters who had nowhere legally to skate. Victoria Skate Park was opened in 1998 and is designed specifically for skating and roller blading. The park is surrounded on all four sides by key roads - Victoria Street West, Halsey, Fanshawe and Beaumont Streets. Sport such as winter rugby , soccer and summer cricket are played here and on one side of the park is also a large skate park. The motorway over bridge goes right over the park. (see Picture Victoria park 1,2). Its physical activity space and usually for teenagers.

Victoria Park mini ramp is the second in New Zealand to be resurfaced with the Hard ramp surface. Hard ramp surface is 100% waterproof and stands up to all elements of weather out lasting plywood by a long shot. Hard ramp surface is a sound deadening material which is quieter than traditional plywood, Graffiti can be removed with thinners which does not effect the surface and it also is a self extinguishing material that is flame resistant. This product is ideal for New Zealand climate, having your ramp covered with this surface ensures the fastest and smoothest ramps around.



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  PROPOSAL FOR SITE BY: Fannie Osterwise  
  When I first saw pictures of the skating ramp in the Victoria Park, I immediately thought of Richard Serra’s works. I’m interested in the form of the ramp especially the verticality that contrasts to the concrete floor. I’m also interested in the contrast in material between the wooden ramp and the concrete floor. For this particular site, my main objective is to alter the ramp by playing with its form and surface. When looking at the ramp, its form gives me the sense of organic and industrial at the same time. Because of that, I’d like to focus more on turning the industrialize ramp into something the gives more sense of nature in an inorganic way. I want to use a synthetic grass to make a faux lawn. To make the faux lawn more realistic, I also want to include plastic plants and lawn ornaments such as artificial birds and butterflies.