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Problem Set 1 no link Sept 12 PSET01 ans Grades
Problem Set 2

link to 20S Proteasome chime page

Sept 19 PSET02 ans
Andy's SI      
Marciela's SI     Marciela's SI ans
Problem Set 3 link to RBP chime page Sept 26 PSET03 ans
Andy's SI      
Marciela's SI     Marciela's SI ans
Problem Set 4   Oct 10 PSET04 ans
Marciela's SI     Marciela's SI ans
Andy's SI      
Problem Set 5 link to trypsin chime page Oct 17 PSET05 ans
Andy's SI      
Andy's SI      
Problem Set 6   Oct 24 PSET06 ans
Andy's SI      
Problem Set 7      
Problem Set 8      
Problem Set 9      
Problem Set 10      
link to CSP chime page    
link to protein G mut chime page    
link to IgG chime page    
link to HIV protease chime page    
link to electron density map    
link to bacteriorodopsin chime page    
Corrected Problem Sets can be claimed at DH 1320.


The items listed above will convert to active links on their respective post dates.
See the Post Date page for the current schedule of deadlines & postings on this page.

Problem sets are due in class on the dates listed. They can also be delivered to DH1320 or to the instructor (271 MI) by 5:00 pm on the due date without loss of points. Corrected problem sets will ordinarily be returned in one week.
Problem Set Policies:
  1. Grading: Late problem sets will not be accepted for credit.
  2. Hard copies of problem sets will be handed out in class.
  3. Requests for regrading of problem sets must be submitted within one week.
    (A note indicating the specific point(s) to be regraded is always helpful.)
  4. The lowest problem set score will be dropped when the final score for the course is calculated. However, consistent perfomance in the problem sets will be a positive factor in deciding grades for those with borderline scores (and vice versa).

Links to the PDF files are on each of the web pages listed above. See How to Make Hard Copies for a description of how to download and print these file types.

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