Biochemistry I Bacteriorhodopsin Structure
  Bacteriorhodopsin (Cartoons, colored structure) is shown with one layer of phospholipid and several layers of water. The retinal chromophore is Spacefill, colored purple.
  Hide:   Phospholipids.   Waters.
  Restore:   Phospholipids.   Waters.
  Distances (Å):   a-Helix (length, 22 residues)
  Hydrophobic residues (Green)
  Charged Residues (Red)
  Residues 79-91 [Problem Set 7]

These features were noted in Lecture:
 1. The protein has seven a-helices that span the bilayer.
 2. The membrane-exposed surface is highly hydrophobic.
 3. The charged/polar residues are at the solvent interfaces and also line the internal hydrophilic channel.
  Reset Wht Bgd Blue Bgd Blk Bgd
  High Contrast Colors

Three more membrane protein structures:
K+-Channel       Maltoporin       a-Hemolysin

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