Biochemistry I Fall Term, 2004

How to Make Hard Copies of Documents

Please also check the Printing on Campus page for guidlines on printing the following file types from different computer platforms.

HTML Documents
All browsers, regardless of type (Netscape, Explorer), or platform (Unix, Mac, NT) should allow printing of the web page. The PDF files will result in higher quality hard copy especially for pages where equations or GIF images are used.

PDF Documents
You should be able to open these files with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The software is on all cluster machines. It is also free and can be downloaded for your personal machines at

Chime Chime Images
If you find (or create) an image of an interesting molecular structure on a Chime web page, you can copy it to the clipboard (Choose Edit then Copy from the Chime menu.) Then paste it into an open text file, e.g. MS Word. For printing, a white or a light background color is recommended.

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