This page has notes on using Python, ways of getting extra help on the course material, and links to learn more about the field of computing. There are also sample exams and extra practice opportunities below.

Getting Python

Download Python - the installers are at the bottom of the page; please select the correct installer for your Mac or Windows machine.

Style Guidelines

Click here for a guide on proper style.

Using Python

IDLE will be used in some demos. It comes with Python installation. This simple tutorial will help you familirize the interface of it.

Extra Help

Extra Practice and Sample Exams

Sample Written Exams

Sample Lab Exams

Videos and Websites Related to Lectures

Please note that some of these links may be broken as videos and pages get moved around. Basically, some of these pages are really old. However, they are still relevant and interesting to review to those interested in learning more about computer engineering and computer science.

External Videos

Articles and References

Additional Computing Resources

Computers and computational thinking have influenced the sciences, humanities, economics, and many other fields. With the aid of computation, many fields have made tremendous strides recently. Check out these news sources about how computation makes a difference in the world today!