Labs Overview

Each lab will be posted here for your reference along with sample answers after all the labs are over. Labs participation counts for 5% of your grade. There are 12 labs and you can miss 2 labs without penalty. This does not include the lab exam dates. If you miss a lab, you are responsible for understanding the material you missed. You must go to the lab for your assigned section in order to get credit for lab participation.

Two lab exams will be given (see schedule) that will test your ability to write simple Python programs given a limited amount of time and resources. No makeups will be allowed except as allowed in the official course policy. The lab exams are worth a total of 10% of your grade.

Important Rules for Labs

In order to receive credit for lab, you must attend your lab section and submit your work during that lab. You cannot attend another lab section without permission, and you cannot submit from elsewhere (e.g. your dorm room). We want you to go to lab since you will get additional information from your course assistant that will help you, and you will be able to work with other students to share ideas and learn how to solve problems more effectively. It is also important to go to lab and use the Linux machines. Your lab exams will be run on these machines so you need to familiarize yourself with this environment.

If you go to a different lab section or submit the work early or late, you will receive a zero. You are allowed to drop 2 labs without penalty, so please do not ask for makeups. Look ahead at your schedule to see if you will be missing a lab due to another event and plan on dropping that lab. If you drop a lab, you are still responsible for reviewing the material covered. (NOTE: You must be in attendance for lab exams. Lab exams cannot be dropped.)

Lab Sections and Teaching Assistants

You are required to go to your assigned lecture and lab. Since part of your course grade depends on lab participation, you must go to your assigned section to get lab credit. To e-mail your TA directly, you can send a message to their Andrew ID "at" (@)

U MTWRF 4:30-5:20PM GHC 5208 TBA TBA
E MTWRF 4:30-5:20PM GHC 5210 TBA TBA