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Below are links to some articles I wrote for TechyVent, a Pittsburgh-based information service dedicated to providing information about technology and enterpreneurship, and listing regional meetings of interest.

Why Investors Don't Want to Invest in Your Deal

Arithmetic of Deals (A)

Arithmetic of Deals (B)

Valuation (A)

The Term Sheet

An Exchange of Values

What's So Preferable about Preferred Stock?

Is Participating Preferred Stock As Nice As It Sounds?

Private Investors (A)

Private Investors (B)

Private Investors (C)

Private Investors (D)

Deal Structures (A)

Deal Structures (B)

Fund Raising Recap

Risk Reduction Strategies

Timing & Alternatives

Valuation (B)

venture capital vs. VENTURE CAPITAL


What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

The Roles of the CEO and Founders

Is a Small Piece of a Big Pie Worthwhile?

Dividing Up the Founders' Pie

Working with Your Board

Vesting Founders' Shares

Convertible Notes

Sources of Money (A)

Sources of Money (B)

Sources of Funds by Phase of the Start Up

To Get Big, You Need to Think Small

The Declarative Imperative

The Most Frequent Source of Investment

Tales of Two Companies

Founders' Pie Calculator

The Nine Drafts of the Business Plan

Lessons Learned - Pricing

Lessons Learned - Hiring

The Revenue Participation Certificate - Keeping Your Equity

Loan, Purchase Option, & Purchase Option Buyback - Keeping Your Equity

Purchase Order Loan - Keeping Your Equity

Put & Call - Keeping Your Equity

Focus on Returns

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Cookie Cutter Businesses (44)

Growth through Cutting Cookies (45)

Schitzophrenia (46)

2004 Venture Capital in Review (47)

Keeping Investor Syndicates in Line: Pay-to-Play (48)

Guerrilla Marketing (49)

Enlightened Serendipity (50)

Dilution (51)

Full Ratchet Anti-Dilution Protection (52)

Weighted Average Anti-Dilution Protection (53)

Comparison of the Effects of Different Methods of Anti-Dilution Protection (54)

Impact of Option Pools and Fully Diluted Terms on Anti-Dilution Protection (55)