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Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Caspar Oesterheld

My name is Caspar Oesterheld (click here for (anglicized) pronunciation). I am a Computer Science PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University, supervised by Vincent Conitzer. I'm interested in foundational topics in theoretical computer science, game theory and AI safety.

Working papers

Peer-reviewed publications

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In 2020, I received the Duke CS Department's Outstanding TA award.


EC 2021, GAIW 2021, ICML 2022 ("Top 10% Reviewer"), GAIW 2022, SAGT 2022, NeurIPS 2022, Minds and Machines, NeurIPS ML Safety Workshop 2022, UAI 2023 ("Top Reviewer"), ICML 2023, AIES 2023, NeurIPS 2023, CSCW 2024

Last update: 25 September 2023