3) Changing the Geometry of the Pedal Crank

Go to
File -> Edit -> Definition.
Now you should see the part being highlighted as shown.

Click on "sketcher" icon .

Select "top" and then "right" planes. Then you should be able to see the part in a sketcher mode as shown below.
If you see this window, you should update those non-updated references.

To do so, click on all references (by holding the ctrl key or the shift key) and click Update. Click Close.
Now click on the modifying dimension icon

Left click on the first location

and again on the second location

hen click on the middle mouse button to confirm selection. Click OK in the "select" window.

Then double click on number (dimension) you would like to change.
Again, if the program does not let you change the dimension immediately, you will need to delete some preexisting dimensions. Click on the dimensions you wish to delete and select Delete.


Now you should see some dimensions become "weak" dimensions, that is, you are able to modify those dimensions. In this file, there is a horizontal constraint applied on the bottom line of the middle part of this pedal crank. So if we do not want to keep the horizontal constraint, click Delete on the "Resolve Sketch" window.
To delete the Horizontal constraints (the letter H above the line represents the horizontal constraint), click on the letter H and then click delete, or go to main menu--> edit-->delete.

After deleted two horizontal constraints, we are able to modify the distance between two points at the end of both arcs.

The user can also move the active point (in blue) around to roughly adjust dimensions of the part. Here is one example in which geometry of the middle part of the pedal crank is changed.

Click on the check mark icon .
Then click on the green check mark on the dashboard.
You should now be able to see the modified part as shown below.

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