Technical Program
International Electrokinetics Conference 2004
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Monday Morning, June 14


Electrokinetic Self Assembly

09:00   1.  A new colloidal model system with an interaction tunable from hard sphere to very soft and dipolar by M. Leunissen, P. Royall, A. Yethiraj, A. van Blaaderen

09:20   2.  Field- and shear-driven collective phenomena in suspensions by B. Khusid, A. Acrivos

09:40   3.  Assembly of Colloidal Particles by Electrohydrodynamic Flow by W. D. Ristenpart, I. A. Aksay, D. A. Saville

10:00   4.  Ionic strength dependent kinetics of nanocolloidal gold deposition by M. Brouwer, S. Kooij, H. Wormeester, B. Poelsema

10:20   coffee 

10:40   5.  Studies in nonlinear electrokinetics: the steady circulation produced about a small particle in an AC-field by J. C. Baygents

11:00   6.  Motion of a Single Particle Levitated above an Electrode in an A/C Field by J. A. Fagan,  D. C. Prieve, P. J. Sides

11:20   7.  Plenary Talk: AC Field Induced Flows for Tunable Colloidal Aggregation: Experiments, Theory, and Related Microfluidics Applications by A. Ajdari

12:30   lunch 

Monday Afternoon, June 14


General Papers: A/C Electrokinetics

02:00   8.  Keynote Talk: Electroacoustic effects in suspensions of microporous particles by R. W. O'Brien, W. N. Rowlands

02:40   9.  Low-Frequency Dielectric Dispersion in Colloidal Suspensions of Uncharged Insulating Particles by C. Grosse, J. J. Lopez-Garcia, J. Horno

03:00   10.  Electrokinetics of Concentrated Suspensions. Model Predictions and Experimental Data on Electroacoustics and Dielectric Dispersion by A. V. Delgado, F. Carrique, F. J. Arroyo, S. Ahualli

03:20   coffee 

03:40   11.  Determination of the effective charge of different nanocolloids at high ionic strength using conductivity and acoustophoresis by S. Durand-Vidal, P. Turq, J. B. Rosenholm

04:00   12.  On the use of the hypothesis of electroneutrality for the calculation of the dielectric properties of colloidal suspensions by J. J. Lopez-Garcia, C. Grosse, J. Horno

04:20   13.  Anomalous Field Induced Particle Orientation in Mixtures of Charged Rodlike and Spherical Colloids by T. Bellini, F. Mantegazza

04:40   14.  Electrowetting in a Confined Liquid-Liquid System: Devices, Experiments and Physical Model by T. Roques-Carmes, R. A. Hayes, B. J. Feenstra, L. J. M. Schlangen

05:00   15.  Limiting Electrophoretic Mobility of a Highly Charged Colloidal Particle by H. Ohshima

05:20   16.  Atomistic Simulation of Electroosmotic Tansport in Nanochannels by R. Qiao, N. Aluru

Monday Evening, June 14



06:00   17.  Characterization of Collagen Layers by Streaming Current/ Streaming Potential Measurements by U. Freudenberg, R. Zimmermann, K. Schmidt, S.-H. Behrens, H. Auweter, W. Pompe, C. Werner

06:00   18.  Colloidal Particle Separation in Nonuniform Electric Fields by H. Zhou, L. R. White, R. D. Tilton

06:00   19.  Concentration  polarization of monolayer of ion-exchange granules and porous diaphragm and its influence on electroosmosis by N. A. Mishchuk, L. L. Lysenko

06:00   20.  Concerning one boundary condition employed in modeling electrokinetic phenomena using cell model approach by E. K. Zholkovskij, J. H. Masliyah, V. N. Shilov, S. Bhattacharjee

06:00   21.  Conductivity of concentrated suspensions in non-aqueous media by M. Medrano, A. T. Perez, C. Soria

06:00   22.  Detection of Sequence-Specific DNA Binding onto Liposomal Surfaces with Capillary Zone Electrophoresis by B. F. Marques, J. W. Schneider

06:00   23.  Dielectrophoresis of spherical particle with double layer of arbitrary thickness by O. Shramko, V. Shilov

06:00   24.  Diffusioosmosis of electrolyte solutions in a capillary slit with surface charge layers by H. C. Ma, H. J. Keh

06:00   25.  Electrokinetic effects during Langmuir-Blodgett film deposition by V. I. Kovalchuk, E. K. Zholkovskiy, M. P. Bondarenko, D. Vollhardt

06:00   26.  Electrokinetic Manipulation of Colloids in Nonpolar Liquids by J. Kim, J. L. Anderson, S. Garoff, L. Schlangen

06:00   27.  Electrokinetic Potential and Surface Conductivity of Poly(acrylic acid) and Poly(ethylene oxide) Brushes in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions by R. Zimmermann, W. Norde, M. A. Cohen Stuart, C. Werner

06:00   28.  Electrokinetic Potential of Polymer Containing Disperse System by K. B. Musabekov, K. I. Omarova

06:00   29.  Electrokinetics of Colloidal Systems of Low Ion Diffusivity by M. A. Preston, R. Kornbrekke, L. R. White

06:00   30.  Electroosmotically Enhanced Mass Transport Inside Crosslinked Polyacrylamide Gels by M. A. Matos, R. D. Tilton, L. R. White

06:00   31.  Electrophoretic Deposition of Metal Oxides in Carboxyl-Containing Oligomer Dispersions by A. G. Zhygotsky, L. I. Tertykh, G. I. Chalyuk, Ye. F. Rynda, V. P. Klimenko

06:00   32.  Electrosurface Phenomena at Polymer Films for Biosensor Applications by R. Zimmermann, O. Birkert, G. Gauglitz, C. Werner

06:00   33.  Experimental Determination of the Low and High-Frequency Dielectric Dispersion Parameters of Aqueous Suspensions of Latex Particles for Different Counterion and Co-Ion Diffusion Coefficients by M. Tirado, C. Grosse

06:00   34.  Fibronectin Adsorption onto Maleic Acid Copolymer Surfaces Analysed by Combined Determination of Zeta Potential, Surface Conductivity and Optical Layer Thickness by T. Osaki, M. Markowski, C. Werner

06:00   35.  Induced-charge electro-osmosis: Theory and microfluidic applications by M. Z. Bazant, T. M. Squires

06:00   36.  Intensification of mass transfer at electroremediation of sod-podzol soil by L. L. Lysenko, N. A. Mishchuk

06:00   37.  Investigation of electroosmosis of the second kind in the systems of granules of ion-exchange materials by N. A. Mishchuk, N. O. Barinova

06:00   38.  Measuring Experimental Vertical Forces on a Single Colloidal Particle near an Electrode in AC Fields from 10-10000 Hz by J. A. Fagan,  D. C. Prieve, P. J. Sides

06:00   39.  Model Simulations and Experimental Studies to Analyze the Relevance of Surface Microroughness for Electrokinetic Phenomena by Y. Hu, D. Li, R. Zimmermann, C. Werner

06:00   40.  Newtonian fluid slip during electrokinetic flow in surface-treated microfluidic channel by M.-S. Chun, T. S. Lee, N. W. Choi

06:00   41.  Numerical Calculation of the Dielectric Spectra and Electrorotation Velocity of Cells by V. Zimmerman, C. Grosse, V. N. Shilov

06:00   42.  Precursor of freezing transition of sterically stabilized colloids with tuning interactions by M. Mayorga, D. Osorio-González

06:00   43.  Pulse Regime of Electroremediation of Clay Soils by C. Abbruzzese, B. Kornilovich, N. Mishchuk, R. Klischenko, G.Pshynko

06:00   44.  The Application of  a Dynamic Stern Layer Model to Electrophoretic Mobility Measurements of Latex Particles by L. R. White, M. A. Preston, R. O. Jack, F. McNeil-Watson, Carlos A.Rega.   

06:00   45.  The Electrokinetic Properties of Organophilic Montmorillonite Dispersions in Low Dielectric Fluids by V. N. Moraru

06:00   46.  Unusual phase behaviour in charged colloids: re-entrant melting and freezing by P. Royall, M. Leunissen, A. van Blaaderen

06:00   94.  Electrophoretic Characterization of Cells and Viruses by D. Fairhurst, R. Rowell, R. Shattock, A. Morfesis

Tuesday Morning, June 15


Environmental Electrokinetics

09:00   47.  Keynote Talk: Colloid and Colloid-Facilitated Contaminant Transport Experiments and Models to Support Assessments of Radionuclide Migration at Yucca Mountain and the Nevada Test Site by P. W. Reimus

09:40   48.  Colloid faciliated transport models of subsurface contaminant transport at Yucca Mountain, the Nevada Test Site and the Hanford Site by H. Viswanathan

10:00   49.  Transport of Colloids in Unsaturated Porous Media: Pore-scale Observation of Processes During Dissolution of Air-water Interface by A. Keller, S. Sirivithayapakorn

10:20   coffee 

10:40   50.  Hydrodynamic Thickness of Petroleum Oil Adsorbed Layers in Wide Pipes by S. F. Alkafeef, A. F. Alajmi, M. K. Algharaib

11:00   51.  Kinetics of water-in-oil emulsion evolution using acoustic, electroacoustic and conductometric characterization. by P. Goetz, A. S. Dukhin

11:20   52.  Plenary Talk: Role of Electrostatic Interactions in Bacterial Adhesion and Transport in Aquatic Environments by M. Elimelech

12:30   lunch 

Tuesday Afternoon, June 15


Environmental Electrokinetics

02:00   53.  The role of the Electrokinetic Potential in the Adhesion of Epithelial Cells on Biomaterials by F. Thomas, L. Hermitte

02:20   54.  Particle Behaviour at Horizontal and Vertical Fluid Interfaces and in Thin Liquid Films by T. S. Horozov, R. Aveyard, B. P. Binks, J. H. Clint

02:40   55.  On Particle Adsorption and Desorption at Solid-Liquid Interfaces by A. I. Abdel-Fattah, M. S. El-Genk, P. W. Reimus

03:00   56.  Influence of gas admixture on the properties of disperse systems by N. A. Mishchuk

03:20   coffee 

03:40   57.  Electrokinetic Measurements of Reservoir Rock Cores in Low Electrolyte Concentrations by S. F. Alkafeef, A. F. Alajmi

04:00   58.  Measurement of the Zeta Potential of Gas Bubbles in Aqueous Solution by Flotation Potential Method by Y. Koide, K. Yamada, S. Yamaguchi, H. Sasaki, S.-N. Usui

04:20   59.  Electrokinetic Properties of Natural Fibres by C. Bellmann, A. Caspari, T. T. L. Doan, E. Mäder, T. Luxbacher, R. Kohl

04:40   60.  Electrokinetic phenomena in montmorillonite: from Kubo to Smoluchowski by P. Turq, V. Marry, N. Malikova, J.-F. Dufreche

05:00   61.  Electroacoustics and Electroosmosis in Low Temperature Ionic Liquids by M. Kosmulski, J. B. Rosenholm, C. Saneluta, K. Marczewska-Boczkowska

Wednesday Morning, June 16


Electrokinetics in Low-Dielectric Fluids

09:00   62.  Characterisation of Charged Species in Low Dielectric Fluids by Transient Current Measurements by A. R. M. Verschueren, G. C. van Zandwijk, F. Strubbe, L. J. M. Schlangen, P. H. L. Notten, K. Neyts

09:20   63.  Electrokinetic measurements of a colloidal model system in nonaqueous media by A. D. Hollingsworth, M. E. Leunissen, A. Yethiraj, P. M. Chaikin, W. B. Russel, A. van Blaaderen

09:40   64.  Ionic properties of non-polar liquids and dispersions with non-ionic surfactants and means of their characterization. by A. S. Dukhin, P. J. Goetz

10:00   65.  Conduction and Electrode Polarization in a Nonpolar Liquid by J. L. Anderson, J. Kim, S. Garoff, L. Schlangen

10:20   coffee 

10:40   66.  Electroacoustic theory for concentrated dispersions with arbitrary ka. Nano-colloids. Non-aqueous dispersions. by V. N. Shilov, Yu. B. Borkovskaja, A. S. Dukhin

11:00   67.  Electrophoretic mobility of concentrated suspensions in non-aqueous media by A. T. Perez, E. Lemaire

11:20   68.  Plenary Talk: Electrostatic Charges in Nonpolar Solutions and Dispersions by I. D. Morrison

12:30   lunch 

Wednesday Afternoon, June 16


Electrokinetics of Complex Surfaces

02:00   69.  Keynote Talk: Electrokinetics of Soft (Stealth®) Liposomes by J. A. Cohen, V. A. Khorosheva

02:40   70.  Electrophoresis in Structured Colloids by J. M. Méndez-Alcaraz, O. Alarcón-Waess

03:00   71.  Characterization of Protein Adsorption by Electrokinetic Measurements and Reflectometric Interference Spectroscopy by R. Zimmermann, T. Osaki, G. Gauglitz, C. Werner

03:20   coffee 

03:40   72.  The electrokinetics and hydrodynamics of soft interfaces. How far can continuum models take us? by R. J. Hill

04:00   73.  Electrokinetics of Solid Colloids Relevant to the Formation of Composite Particles by K. Furusawa, H. Matsumura

04:20   74.  Electrokinetics of Thin Films of Charged Co-Polymer Gels by L. P. Yezek, H. P. van Leeuwen

04:40   75.  Ionization Characteristics and Structural Transitions of Alternating Maleic Acid Copolymer Films by T. Osaki, C. Werner

05:00   76.  Electrophoresis NMR of protein, polyelectrolytes and complexes by U. Böhme, B. Fritzinger, U. Scheler

05:20   77.  Electrokinetics of electron conducting surfaces and ion permeable surface layers Theory and experiments by J. Duval, J. Lyklema, H. P. van Leeuwen

05:40   78.  Electrokinetic and Surface Thermodynamic Properties of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers by V. Ribitsch, S. Köstler, A. V. Delgado, K. Stana-Kleinschek

Thursday Morning, June 17



09:00   79.  Method of using "unbalanced AC field" for generating non-linear electroosmotic liquid drift in microfluidic devices. by A. Dukhin, S. Dukhin

09:20   80.  Theory and Microfluidic Applications of Induced-Charge Electro-osmosis by M. Z. Bazant, J. Levitan, T. M. Squires

09:40   81.  Field-effect control of electro-osmotic flow in microfluidic networks by E. J. van der Wouden, T. Heuser, D. C. Hermes, J. G. E. Gardeniers, A. van den Berg

10:00   82.  Electroosmotic dispersion in microchannels with a thin double layer by E. K. Zholkovskij, J. H. Masliyah

10:20   coffee 

10:40   83.  Electrokinetic Transport, Breakup and Coalescence of Gas Bubbles in a Microchannel by C. Yang, Y. C. Lam, T. T. Naing, H. M. Lee

11:00   84.  Flow imaging of colloidal suspension in PDMS-based microfluidic chip by fluorescence microscopy by M.-S. Chun, S. Lee

11:20   85.  Plenary Talk: Electrokinetic Microfluidic Systems:  Sample Stacking and Instabilities by J. G. Santiago

12:30   lunch 

Thursday Afternoon, June 17



02:00   86.  Induced-charge Electro-osmosis in Microfluidic Devices by J. Levitan, M. Z. Bazant, T. Thorsen, T. Squires

02:20   87.  Steady state electrophoresis and thermophoresis of weakly interacting macroions by M. Mayorga, O. Hernández-Flores, L. Romero-Salazar, J. M. Rubí


Electrokinetics of Complex Surfaces

02:40   88.  An Electrokinetic Theory for Soft Surfaces at Any Degree of Dissociation. by S. S. Dukhin, R. Zimmermann, C. Werner

03:00   89.  Reduction of nanoscale charge nonuniformity on polystyrene particles by D. Velegol, J. D. Feick

03:20   coffee 

03:40   90.  Ion Size Correlations and Overcharging in Real Colloids by M. Quesada-Pérez, E. González-Tovar, A. Martín-Molina, M. Lozada-Cassou, R. Hidalgo-Álvarez

04:00   91.  Temperature-Dependent Variation of Water Autodissociation to Analyze Unsymmetrical Ion Adsorption by T. Osaki, R. Zimmermann, R. Schweiss, H. J. Kreuzer, M. Grunze, C. Werner

04:20   92.  Influence of the polyelectrolyte and base addition sequence on the suspension properties and electrophoretic deposition behaviour of ceramic powders by A. M. Popa, J. Vleugels, J. Vermant, O. van der Biest

04:40   93.  Flow of electrolyte solutions in thin capillaries: Osterle's method by V. M. Starov