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History of Freeland, Pa.

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Early accounts

1873 Freehold map

More 1873 maps

Municipal matters


Places of worship






Street names



Welcome to these webpages. If you're looking for information on people or businesses, or for pictures of Freeland, the quick guide on this page may help. All of the sections mentioned below can be reached by the links listed at the left of every page. Enjoy!


The Early accounts section contains historical accounts in which numerous individuals are mentioned.

The Municipal matters section contains listings of individuals who had specific responsibilities in keeping the municipality functioning.

The Businesses section lists many individuals as part of the business listings from maps and diretories.

The People section reproduces lists of individuals from city directories and local histories, and includes some biographical material.

The Organizations section includes several lists from directories, and in some cases the officers of the organizations are named.

The Schools section includes lists of schools from early maps and directories, which in a few cases include the names of teachers.

The Transportation section names various individuals who had transportation-related occupations in Freeland's early decades.

The Street names section includes references to some of the individuals for whom streets are named in Freeland.


In the Early accounts section, a number of businesses are mentioned in historical accounts.

On the 1873 Freehold map, some early businesses are marked.

In the Businesses section, lists of businesses are reproduced from maps and directories. Also in this section is a link to a group of business advertisements reproduced from late-19th-century directories.

In the People section, some of the lists from directories record the occupations or businesses of individuals.


The Places of worship section includes a page of links to pictures of churches and a synagogue in Freeland.

The Schools section includes a link to a page of pictures of some schools in Freeland and the surrounding area.

The Transportation section includes pictures of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Depot as well as late-19th-century advertisements for transportation-related businesses.

The Street names page includes a link to a page of pictures of street views from old Freeland postcards.

The Buildings page includes a pair of photos of the construction of the current post office building on Main Street.

The Organizations page has a link to photos of the 1906 Pearl Jubilee.

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