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Chryssa Pinney - Alleyway (NZ)




* Has an ‘x’ intersection between two buildings in the centre of the alleyway.
* It starts from Shortland St and exits on Chancery St
* It is Passed or used mainly by business men and women
* It is located between a ‘United Travel’ and an unrecognisable concrete building on Shortland St and between ‘Salad works’ restaurant and another unrecognisable building.
* There is a street lamp and a tree directly outside the alleyway on Shortland St
* There is a slight dip in the middle of the alley way
* It is aprox.101 paces in length and approx1730mm in width
* Opp. shops on chancery are clothes shops
* There is an emergency fire exit staircase inside the alley way closer to chancery street (approx. 4 paces inwards)
* Threes are some drains with green algae on the concrete floor of alleyway
* The ‘x’ intersection is 57 paces in from Shortland St
* One building on one side of the intersection is a small deserted mall-like group of empty shops. There are a few signs mostly saying the shops have moved
* The other opp. Building is not very obvious as to what it is used for. There are a few labels on doors saying ‘conference suite’ this building also leads to chancery st and is beside ‘salad works’ but opp. Side of salad works than the alley
* There are also lifts in this building and a few unused tables and chairs (3 tables altogether)
* The deserted mall leads to O’Connell St, which also leads up to Chancery Street.
* Outside the deserted mall is a pedestrian crossing and there are two tree places but no trees, may have been removed?




This stretch of space is a slice of emptiness in the middle of a business and what looks to be shopping district. The people caught in the photos are busy hurrying through to work, or walking by the alley entrance on the way to the next shop. Evidence in the gutter points to the stop as being a meeting place for the homeless - a little slice the police don't even seem to travel down.

I want to clean the alleyway out. Just sweep away all the garbage - no major endeavor - just get the evidence of others out of there. I suggest doing this while the businessmen are working but before the night crowd moves in. Then, just go wild by placing evidence of a large social gathering up and down the alley way. I suggest this 'debris' be light at the ends of the alley and more concentrated toward the middle. The little area that seems to be a small hideout for smokers and homeless beer drinkers alike should be stuffed with articles, as should the little doorway to the union house.  

Nothing should border on vandalism. Just a little littering I guess. Let me know if there is a problem with that.

Some other quick ideas that you may or may not use:

Balloons for the fire escape

A cake, destroyed or left intact inside the little space

Cups, with punch everywhere

A flyer with the date of the day before posted on the light pole with balloons telling people about the party

Thing, I feel should be a must:

Streamers, party favors, and as much empty alcohol bottles you can muster must be placed everywhere - it needs to feel as if it was 'rented out' for an evening and held a good sized number of people.

This installation brings attention to a little noticed area. The debris will hold up the morning traffic, and the night crowd will be equally confused with the use of their space without their knowledge. There very well could be 'regulars' to the space and I can only think that they would be slightly concerned about the occupation. My mission is to just freak folks out, bring them together in a state of confusion. It isn't necessary that everyone experience it together just that it be experienced. It brings a false history, and random action to a spot that seems to be not only the perfect place for it but in desperate need for it.