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The Mission:

The mission of the Biothermal Technology Laboratory (BTTL) is to promote research and education in the general field of energy modalities in biology and medicine.

Biomedical Applications:

Cryopreservation, which is the preservation of tissues and organs at very low temperatures, with applications to transplant medicine (organ donations statistics).

Cryosurgery, which is the destruction of cancerous tumors by freezing, with emphasis on prostate cancer and medical education (cancer statistics).

Thermal ablation, which is the destruction of cancerous tumors by heating.

Photodynamic therapy, which is the treatment of cancer tumors by light-activated drugs.

Sensors and instrumentation to monitor and control thermal process in biological systems.

Engineering Contribution:

Activity at the BTTL applies engineering fundamentals for the benefit of biology and medical applications. Related efforts range from the development of basic knowledge, through technological innovations, to experimentation on biological systems. Core engineering efforts at the BTTL rely on the fundamentals of heat transfer, fluid and solid mechanics, optics, sensors and instrumentation, geometric modeling, computation, and engineering design.