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about us

Despite being known across the eastern seaboard for our unique "boob discs," the Mellons are more than just a flashy piece of plastic. Our team is derived from a long history of ultimate in the Pittsburgh area, and has achieved a tremendous amount of growth to become a consistent regionals contender. The Mellons aim to continue to cultivate our friendly environment and team-driven culture.

Our regular schedule consists of 2-3 practices a week and a supplementary strength and conditioning session. Each semester, we attend 3-5 weekend-long tournaments to compete against an eclectic range of teams.

History and Results

c. 2018

the origins

Red Emma, CMU's first women's ultimate team, is formed by Bonnie Jacobson, becoming one of the first college women's teams in the nation. Red Emma goes on to compete at the college championships that same year.

the pansies

With high hopes to become a strong team, PDC adopts the name Pansy; so when they'd start beating the best teams around, their competitors would say "How did we lose to a bunch of Pansies!?" All kidding aside, the name sticks, and CMU and Pitt continue to play together for the next five years. In their final year together, the Pansies break seed at Metro East Regionals.

raising the "steaks"

The Mellons go undefeated at Steakfest '13. Later that season, they beat their old partners in crime, Pittsburgh Danger, at Sectionals, and ultimately place 2nd to UPenn because "beating Pitt is tiring let me tell you."


After Clubbing for some period of time, the Mellons start to sit with Yuk at "poolside," ushering in a wealth of new traditions and improving inter-team amity. Some of these traditions include Tartan Tuesday neckies, NYT crosswords, Set, Hanabi, and just hanging out with a view of the CMU pool.

who run the world?

The first women's showcase game between CMU and Pitt is held at Gesling Stadium.

cmu and pitt huddle


The Mellons place 2nd at Case Western and find out their median height is 5'3".

mellons lined up by height

climate change

Braving brutal downpours and 20mph winds, the Mellons take 2nd at Delaware Classic and 4th at Cherry Blossom.


After a short slump in women's ultimate, a group of players from Pitt, Duquesne, and CMU form a new team called PDC. Despite losing nearly every game in its first four years, PDC has so much fun that they keep the team alive for the years to come.

the mellon seedlings

CMU and Pitt's women's teams split, and the Money Mellons are born. The Mellons have a successful first season, placing 2nd at Skylander and breaking seed at Sectionals.


The Mellons earn a spot at Ohio Valley D-I Regionals for three consecutive seasons.

mellons team picture


Marissa "Reese" Schwartz is the team's first ever Callahan nominee.

reese laughing


CMU women's ultimate grows large enough to field two teams. The B-team, Honeydew, is formed to provide a comfortable environment for players to develop their skills.

honeydews team picture

regionals '19

The Mellons place 7th at Ohio Valley D-I Regionals. But more importantly, Charlie skies Shani on the sideline, and the Mellons get tattoos of Shani's face.

mellons with tattoos
showcase game pull throwing selfie mellons sideline cheer mellons studying at the fence post-game spirit line goaltimate selfie