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A New Spring

My first 2006 crocus bloomed on February 23rd. (Feb 17, 2005, and Feb 29, 2004)

In October of 2004, C-3PO was one of the inducties into the Robot Hall of Fame. While in Pittsburgh for the ceremony, Anthony Daniels, that actor who plays C-3PO, visited CMU's campus and interacted with one of the real robots I work with, Valerie, our robot receptionist.

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I've also got some pictures of my house and garden.

I live in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, where the weather can be as good or as bad as you like. I fix robots at Carnegie Mellon University for a living, and read Science Fiction for fun.

My Kevin Bacon Number is 3.
I've shaken hands with William Shattner when he visited CMU researching a book.
William Shatner was in The Kidnapping of the President (1980) with Maury Chaykin
Maury Chaykin was in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Kevin Bacon



  • Confluence is the annual Pittsburgh SF and Fantasy conference.

  • I used to edit the PARSEC newsletter, Sigma. Click there to see some issues, or book reviews.

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