by G. D. Armstrong

Copyright 1993. All rights reserved. Please ask before you reprint.

All right, it's time for you to get out of bed. Yes, it's Monday. C'mon, get moving. You have things to do. Eat a light breakfast; you haven't had solid food for two days. You'd better not get sick, today's a big day.

Can't remember the weekend? Not surprising, you were unconscious through the whole thing. You had an operation and some reprogramming. Skip your morning shower, by the way. It wouldn't harm you, but the glue on your hairpiece might be undone. That would reveal your scar.

Yes, the operation was on your head. We installed the transceiver which is letting you hear me now. We also conditioned you to do everything that I say. For instance, if I told you to screw yourself; you would break your back trying. Stop spinning! You won't get yourself sick enough that way to end this. Now it is time for you to go to work, so proceed there.

Stop! You are not to jump into that fountain. It was a nice try, though. From now on, you are to do nothing to reveal your scars, or that anything is unusual about today. Hmm... We knew that you would still be thinking for yourself; we wanted that. But you actually acted on your own! This will definitely have to be examined more closely, but at a later date. Now, get into the car and go to work. No! Get into your own car! Now, go to work, following your usual route.

Idiot! You just ran that red light! Are you trying to get yourself killed? Oh, I see. Of course you are. You will do nothing further to endanger yourself, or to injure yourself, unless otherwise ordered. So you've come to realize what you have to do today, did you? You should feel proud. Not everyone gets to kill the President.

Now, as you go into the station, greet everyone as you normally would. Act perfectly normal. Hehe, ignore that statement about sticking it somewhere. Check your desk for messages or important work. Nothing there? Good. Go to the briefing room. You'll be a little early, so you can pick a seat inconspicuously in the middle of the room. You will not do anything to reveal that anything is unusual about you today. Make sure your weapon is properly loaded. Stop! You will not fire your weapon here. Re-engage the safety, and visually verify that your weapon is loaded. Now, people are arriving for the briefing. Pay attention to the supervisor.

You've been assigned to the security post at the northeast entrance of the hotel. You will do your job diligently and efficiently. Allow no one to enter without authorization, but don't get carried away. We wouldn't want you to be relieved before you meet the President.

The President will be here in just a few minutes. Take the safety off of your weapon. No! Don't dismantle it! Disengage your weapon's safety.

Here he comes. Wait, be casual. Now, draw your weapon and fire at the president! Kill the president! Shoot him! You missed! How could you miss? Idiot! Switch hands! Put the weapon in your other hand! Now, shoot to kill the--

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