A look at Greg

Here I am in my kilts; the "Prince Charlie" style with the jacket, and the Great Kilt. Click on these two to see larger images.

This was taken by the robot Xavier shorly after I started working with him in July of 1995.

During a photo shoot of the robot, our photographer got this:

Here's some shots from my youth. I think I was 10 and 14, respectively.

Well, If I don't show this one, I'll never hear the end of it. Of course, I may never hear the end of it if I do. Anyway, this one was taken of me at a costume party. I put a lot of work into it, so don't expect to see anything more like it soon! Oh, the way I got it was when the hostess of that party put it on the web and threatened to leave it there unless I paid. See what happens if you try to black mail me?

A recent (2005) Halloween costume, as a Lord of the Rings elf. Some friends wanted Haldir, but I didn't bleach my hair. I also don't like the grey outfits he had, and I don't have the skill to make the armor. I did sew the doublet myself, though. (It is not quite finished in the picture.) Click on the photo for a larger image.

In Spring of 2007, a pirate-themed birthday party was held, and being a good person, I had to attend as the Royal Navy "pirate hunter."

Of course, the pirates had something to say about that.

Greg D Armstrong
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