95-702 Distributed Systems Fall 2010

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August 27Chapters 1 and 2 Characterization of distributed systems and Models and Architectures
A JEE Servlet Tutorial
Download and Install Netbeans
Download and Install Eclipse and Android
Netbeans Video Demo
User Authorization Demo
Introduction to Distributed Systems
Server-Side programming
Project Summary
Getting Started
Android Getting Started
Project submission
Project 1 Server Side Programming
Documentation Example
September 3
What is Android

September 10Chapter 19 Web Services
Jersey and RESTFul Web Services(JSR 311) Client
Jersey and RESTFul Web Services(JSR 311) Server
IBM article on JAX-WS 2.0 (JSR 224)
Building a web service demo
Microsoft Understanding WSDL
Browser Based Programming
Protocol Handling
Performance and Interoperability
Android Getting Started II
Project 2 Web Services and Web Applications
Project 1
September 17Chapter 3 Networking and Internetworking

JAX-WS 2.0 Using JDK 6
Web Services
September 24Chapter 4 Interprocess Communication

Internetworking Part 2
Interprocess Communications
Project 3
Project 2
October 1Chapter 5
Ellison hates Cloud computing
Cloud Computing
Chapter 5 Distributed Objects
Cloud Computing
Review for Midterm Exam (Chapters 1-5, and 19)
October 8Midterm Exam Week

Security(0) RSA Public Key Cryptography
Project 3
October 22Chapter 5 Case Study Java RMI
Java Crypto API
Java RMI
Crypto Concepts
Java RMI
Project 4 Java RMI and Cryptography
October 29Chapter 7 Security
An architect's decision - REST or SOAP
Security (some important crypto protocols)
Web Services Security
Project 5 JDBC, Local Transactions and Web Services Due: Tuesday, November 16
Project 4
November 5Web Service Security
Web Service Security Part 1
Web Service Security Part 2
Web Service Security Part 3
Web Service Security Part 4
Distributed Transactions 2PC
November 12
JMS From Java Enterprise O'Reilly
IBM article on JMS and ESB's
An Introduction to Android
Java Messaging Service
November 19Chapter 11 Time and Global States

Time and Global State
Project 6 JMS
December 3Chapter 9 Naming
EJB Tutorial
Enterprise Java Beans
Final Exam Monday December 6 8:30 AM- 11:30 AMReview for the final exam


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