Wellness Wednesday Videos

The following videos discuss the Healthy Balance Statement and related issues.

For the videos discussing the Healthy Balance Statement, it will be helpful to be looking at a copy of the statement while watching the videos.

1: Introduction

2: Healthy Balance, paragraphs 1 and 2

3: Healthy Balance, paragraph 3

4: Healthy Balance, paragraphs 4 and 5

5: Time management 1

6: Sleep

7: Time Management 2

8: Exercise

9: Mental health

10: Performance injuries

11: Community wellness and academic integrity

12: End-of-year assessment

13: Fullness and emptiness: a Wellness Wednesday wrap-up


I have also produced a Wellness Wednesday graduation message for a particular group of students; while I have chosen to make it public, please bear in mind that it was originally intended for a much more specific audience than the rest of the Wellness Wednesday videos.

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