John Paul Ito's Music Theory Course Resources


This site presents teaching and learning resources for music theory and aural skills.

The aural skills resources are relatively finished products that have been designed to help a broad range of users. The materials for harmonic hearing are intended to strenghthen particular aspects of harmonic recognition; unlike most computer-aided instruction in this area, they do not present harmonic dictations. The worksheets for use with MacGamut are intended to help students to identify their weak areas so that they can give themselves highly targeted practice.

The music theory resources are materials that I have developed mainly for my own students's use, and in some cases they are in need of further revision. I am making them publicly available in case they are of interest to other instructors or students, somewhat in the spirit of MIT's open course initiative.


Thanks to Gene Biringer for allowing me to shamelessly copy the format of his music theory website and to Arno Damerow and Judy Brooks for support on the technical side.

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