Kleinmarkthalle Mural Frankfurt am Main (1996)
Teaching a foreign language through art with the elderly

Douglas Cooper, Artist
School of Architecture
Carnegie Mellon University

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Professor Stephen Brockmann Department of Modern Languages Carnegie Mellon University

Student Interns:
Anne Garibaldi, Jayakrishnan Nair, Amie Robinson, Martin Schaeffers, Rachel
Schmeidler, Christa Sherwood.

How was the mural made?

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Articles about the Murals

Christa with one of the elderly

A drawing by one of the elderly


About the mural..

In Summer 1996, I completed this mural for Frankfurt's central food market, die Kleinmarkthalle, with Professor Stephen Brockmann , a German teacher from Carnegie Mellon University, six paid student interns and fifty elderly residents of Frankfurt. From the start it was conceived as an art project with a parallel mission of providing language instruction for American university students.

The mural is composed in two levels. In an upper frieze, it shows present-day Frankfurt in a bird's-eye panorama that, in its direction of view, recalls the well-known Merian family print from the 1640s. It shows Frankfurt in the context of the Rhine/Main Valley and details the city from Hoechst in the West to the neighboring city of Offenbach in the East.

By contrast, the lower frieze presents a collective subconscious of the city, a memory map of Frankfurt for the past 80 years. Represented in a more naive style, this section assembles stories from our interviews with elderly recruited to the project from Frankfurt senior centers. Many of their stories are light-hearted, but, owing to Germany's recent history, many are tragic. We experienced much laughter in completing this mural, but also many tears.

The project was funded by grants from: Robert Bosch GMBH, Deutsche Bank Bauspar A.G., The Roy A. Hunt Foundation and The National Endowment for the Arts. Upon completion, the work was donated to the City of Frankfurt. I have written a book (in German), Frankfurt Panorama, about the making of this mural.

Amie,Christa, Doug, Anne and Rachel