Accountable Systems Lab

The mission of the Accountable Systems Lab is to enable real-world complex systems to be accountable for their behavior, especially as they pertain to privacy, fairness, and security.

A specific focus is on accountable data-driven systems. Related efforts explore accountability in cryptographic protocols and cyberphysical systems.

Director: Anupam Datta

PhD Students: Amit Datta (ECE), Gihyuk Ko (ECE), Sophia Kovaleva (ECE), Shayak Sen (CSD)

Postdocs: Piotr Mardziel

Alumni: Deepak Garg (Postdoc 2009-11; Assistant Professor MPI-SWS), Limin Jia (Postdoc 2009-11; Assistant Research Professor CMU ECE and INI), Jason Franklin (CSD PhD 2012; Deal Team Partner at Andreessen Horowitz), Michael Tschantz (CSD PhD 2012; Senior Researcher, ICSI Berkeley), Dilsun Kaynar (Postdoc 2007-12; Assistant Teaching Professor CMU CSD), Jeremiah Blocki (CSD PhD 2014; Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University), Arunesh Sinha (ECE PhD 2014; Research Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan), Omar Chowdhury (Postdoc 2013-14; Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Iowa), Divya Sharma (ECE PhD 2015; Technology Associates Program at Thomson Reuters), Yair Zick (Assistant Professor, Computer Science, National University of Singapore)