I am..

Born in the City of Joy, he moved over to Hyderabad and spent his early childhood there. According to his personal account, life in the Nizam's old capital was just ordinary. It was only after he left the city that Hyderabad transformed into a major metropolis and a prominent IT hub. He shifted base to Kathmandu, Nepal in 1997. By the time he was leaving the country, it was in utter turmoil. After the Nepalese Royal Massacre in 2000, the over-a-few-centuries old peaceful monarchy was overthrown and democracy established. He returned to his birth-place in 2000 and spent eight 'joy'ous years there. In 2008, he decided to renounce the world and join other like-minded people in small town Kharagpur. The next four years went by in utter chaos at the end of which, he moved to Pittsburgh to put his mind to grave issues concerning mankind.

He loves traveling. An extract from his own chronicles says: " I have been fortunate enough to stand by the Berlin Wall, view Paris from the top of the Eiffel, lean on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, take a Gondola ride through the canals of Venice, discover the history of the Colosseum and walk through the narrow streets of Amsterdam (if you know what I mean). " True love!

He reads novels at bed-time. They help him fall into a sound sleep. Arundhati Roy, Paulo Coelho and Khaled Hosseini are his favorite authors.

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