Mike Christel's Invited Talks

"Adaptive Learning and Teacher Resources for Educational Games (Emphasizing PuppyBot Rescue)" talk for the 2015 Serious Play Conference produced by the Serious Games Association, Pittsburgh, PA: July 21, 2015. (2.2 MB PDF slide set)

"Educational Games: Transformational, or Befuddling?" invited talk for the CONTEXT 2015: Tech Fluency for Teaching and Learning, Pittsburgh, PA: April 23, 2015. (2.6 MB PDF slide set)

"Helios: An HTML5 Game about Balance," accepted talk for the Edugaming Conference 2014, Schnecksville, PA: Aug. 4, 2014. Mike presented on behalf of Helios team: Arseniy Klishin, Neerav Mehta, Yilin Fan, Mu Ni, Sakar Khattar Sean Brice, Matt Champer, Sam Collier, Mike Christel, Scott Stevens, and Bryan Maher. (3.5 MB PDF slide set)

"Increasing Interest in Information Repositories through Games," keynote talk for the Yonsei University BK 21+ International Workshop on "Organization and Access of Big Data," Seoul, South Korea: July 18, 2014. (1.7 MB PDF slide set)

"Improving Access to Video Oral Histories through Informedia Technologies," keynote talk for the Yonsei University BK 21+ International Workshop on "Organization and Access of Big Data," Seoul, South Korea: July 17, 2014. (2.8 MB PDF slide set)

"Playtesting Educational Games with Children: Preserving the Fun," accepted talk for the Playful Learning 2014 Summit, Ohio University, Athens, OH: April 10, 2014. (3.7 MB PDF slide set)

"Multimedia: from Information Source to Components of Transformational Games," keynote talk for WebMedia 2013, Salvador, Brazil: Nov. 7 2013. (ACM Digital Library link to abstract paper)

"Multimedia Portals for Video Oral Histories: A Case Study from The HistoryMakers and Harrisburg PA Highmark Blue Shield Living Legacy Series," invited talk for the Digital Libraries Colloquium Series, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA: March 24, 2011. (4.6 MB PowerPoint slide set)

"Improving the Utility of Automated Processing for Digital Video Archives," invited talk for the Information Sciences and Technology seminar series, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA: March 1, 2010. (4.7 MB PowerPoint slide set)

"Image and Video Retrieval and Visual Analytics: Opportunities for Collaboration," invited talk for the Video Analytics Workshop, IEEE VisWeek 2009, Atlantic City, NJ: October 13, 2009. (5.4 MB PowerPoint slide set)

"Informedia Digital Video Library Research over 15 Years: Enabling Better Access to Voluminous Multimedia Resources," 2009 SEI Library High Tea presentation. Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA: April 29, 2009.

"Amplifying Video Information-Seeking Success through Rich, Exploratory Interfaces," keynote talk presented at the 1st International Symposium on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services. University of Piraeus, Greece: July 11, 2008.

"Facilitating Access to the HistoryMakers Digital Oral History Archive through Text, Speech, and Video Processing," presented at The HistoryMakers-University of Illinois Workshop, University of Illinois (African American Studies & Research Program and Department of History), Urbana, IL, January 9, 2008.

"Facilitating Access to Large Digital Oral History Archives through Text, Speech, and Video Processing," presented in the iSchool Colloquium Series, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, Nov. 1, 2007.

"Informedia Project and Related Initiatives," 8th Annual SURA/ViDe (Southeastern Universities Research Assoc. Video Development Initiative) Digital Video Conference, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, March 28, 2006.

"Multimedia Information Retrieval: What is It, and Why isn't Anyone Using It?", panel at 7th ACM SIGMM Int'l Workshop on Multimedia Information Retrieval, in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2005. Singapore: November 11, 2005.

"Synthetic Interviews: Bringing People to Life through Video Dialogues", following up on popular press articles on synthetic interviews spanning 1998 (Albert Einstein SI in The Chronicle of Higher Education) to 2005 (Ben Franklin SI in ACM News Service), Academy for Lifelong Learning invited lecture. Carnegie Mellon University: October 20, 2005.

"Leveraging User Interaction in Image and Video Retrieval", Columbia University ADVENT Seminar. Columbia University: November 12, 2004.

"Development and Evaluation of Digital Video Library Interfaces", Human-Computer Interaction Institute Seminar. Carnegie Mellon University: January 29, 2003.

"Lessons Learned from the Informedia Project: Development and Evaluation of Digital Video Library Interfaces", UNC SILS Interaction Design Lab Symposium on Understanding Video. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: October 17-18, 2002.

"Development and Evaluation of Digital Video Library Interfaces for Mobile/Handheld Devices", "Emerging Challenges of Mobile Media Services" Seminar. The Chinese University of Hong Kong: August 2-3, 2002.

"Informedia Research Initiatives: What to do with All the Metadata", "Evolving the Links" workshop on Digital Asset Management. Madison, WI: September 10-11, 2001.

"Improving Access to Digital Video Archives through Informedia Technology", Audio Engineering Society 109th Convention, Workshop on Digital Libraries, Preservation, and Metadata. Los Angeles, CA: September 23, 2000.

"Development and Evaluation of Digital Video Library Interfaces", presented as a special topic for CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute short course on "User Interface Design and Implementation," July 21, 2000.

"Informedia Digital Video Library Accomplishments and Future Directions", First International Workshop on Multimedia Intelligent Storage and Retrieval Management , October 30, 1999.

"Reflections on the Informedia Digital Video Library Interface", Video Retrieval Evaluation and Testbed Symposium, University of North Carolina, October 21, 1999.

"An Overview of the Informedia Digital Video Library Project", InfoTEST Sector Board Meeting, Carnegie Mellon Research Institute, September 14, 1999.

"Semantic Understanding in Digital Video and Audio", Keynote speech, Fifth International Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS '98). Taipei, Taiwan: Tamkang University, July 25, 1998.

"Multimedia Abstractions in the Informedia Digital Video Library", Workshop on Digital Libraries, sponsored by the Ohio Supercomputer Center, OARnet, and OhioLINK. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University, March 26, 1998.

"Multimedia Abstractions for Digital Video Libraries", 5th International Symposium on Applied Corporate Computing (ISACC'97), Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Monterrey, Mexico (via teleconference), November 6, 1997.

"Video and Computers: The Future of Digital Libraries", seminar, Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University, June 10, 1996.

"Incorporating a Digital Video Library into High School Science Instruction", First Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Technology Enhanced Learning. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University, May 22, 1996.

"Addressing the Contents of Video in a Digital Library", ACM Workshop on Effective Abstractions in Multimedia: Layout, Presentation, and Interaction. San Francisco, CA: The Third ACM International Multimedia Conference and Exhibition, November 4, 1995.

"Multimedia as an Aid in Software Development", Multimedia Tools Panel, 3rd Symposium on Assessment of Quality Software Development Tools. Arlington, VA: George Washington University and IEEE-CS TC on Software Engineering, June 8, 1994.

"The Role of Visual Fidelity in Instructional Simulations", HCI Seminar Series, CMU School of Computer Science. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University, January 26, 1994.

"Multimedia Applications and Abstractions", IEEE Tutorial on Multimedia Computing. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University, March 22, 1993.

"Interface, Fidelity, and Development Issues in a Virtual Reality Workspace for Software Engineering", 6th Autumn School on Man Machine Interaction. Jouy-en-Josas, France: Campus Thomson and the Institut d'Expertise et de Prospective de l'Ecole Normale Sup'rieure (IEPENS), September 8, 1992.

"The Role of Visual Fidelity in Computer Based Instruction: Why Bother with Motion Video and Realistic Interfaces?", keynote speech at the "Slice of Life" Medical Multimedia Database Workshop. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah, June 25, 1992.

"The Use of Multimedia in a Code Inspection Course", Advanced Technology Innovation Program in Information Networking. Pittsburgh, PA: Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, June 12, 1992.

"Multimedia in Software Engineering", Software Engineering Corporate Associates Symposium. Tyngsboro, MA: Boston University College of Engineering, April 23, 1992.

"Lessons Developing a DVI Code Inspection Course", National Engineering Education Coalition IBM/Intel Presentation. Raleigh, NC: Institute of Academic Technology, University of North Carolina, Dec. 16-17, 1991.

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