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eCommerce elective

20-791; Fall 2002

Class Time: 8:30 - 10:20 a.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays, GSIA 146

Instructors: Mike Christel, Alex Hauptmann

Teaching Assistant:
Rong Yan 
Office: Newell Simon Hall 4533
Phone: (412) 268-9515
Office Hours by Appointment

eCommerce Course Description for 20-791

Schedule (links to slides added as lectures are given)


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October 24

Introduction to Multimedia

Mike Christel

October 29

Color Perception, Images, Multimedia Interface Design; Intro to Animation Homework

Mike Christel

October 31

Digital Audio; Speech Recognition

Alex Hauptmann

November 5

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Mike Christel

November 7

Speech Synthesis and Speech Dialog Applications

Alex Hauptmann

November 12

Sound Compression, Digital Video

Alex Hauptmann

November 14

Web Specifications and Multimedia Synchronization: W3C, XML, SMIL, XSLT, etc. See also additional SMIL Info and Examples.

Mike Christel

November 19

Multimedia via Cell Phones and PDAs
Voice XML Introduction

Alex Hauptmann

November 21

Digital Music and Music Processing

George Tzanetakis

November 26

Project LISTEN: A Reading Tutor that Listens; Informedia: Content Analysis of Digital Audio and Video

Alex Hauptmann

December 3

The TREC Interactive Video Track and Content-based Retrieval from Digital Video (Slides)

Rong Yan

December 5

Multimedia and CMU's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) (Slides)

Don Marinelli, ETC Co-Director

December 10

Experience-on-Demand/Digital Human Memory; Informedia Interface Evaluation and Information Visualization

Alex Hauptmann and Mike Christel

December 12

Multimedia Companies (Experiences from the Field)

Alan Black and Kevin Lenzo, co-founders of Cepstral LLC, Matt Siegler, formerly at MediaSite which was acquired by Sonic Foundry, Ginny Pribanic, CEO of LLC and officer in MIT Enterprise Forum

Web Site Space for Homework Assignments

As a prerequisite for this course, you MUST be able to post all of your homework assignments to a web site, where you have permission to load and store tens of Megabytes of files, and where you have permission to run scripts.

Students in the Master of Science in Electronic Commerce Program can post their web pages and supporting files to by following these instructions.

Homework Assignments for 2002

Homework #1: Multimedia Look-up via the Web, due Oct. 28

Homework #2: Digitizing and Searching Images, images due Oct. 30, search due Nov. 4

Homework #3: Animation via Macromedia Flash, due Nov. 24 or Nov. 25

Homework #4: Sound Editing, due Nov. 27

Homework #5: Speech Recognition and VXML, due Dec. 3

Homework #6: Digitizing Video and Synchronizing Text to Video, due Dec. 5

Homework #7: Synthetic Interview Text Preparation and Integration, due Dec. 10

Homework #8: Multimedia Web Site with Images, Sound, Animation and Video, due Dec. 15

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