SAS/Windows Downloads:


First find the following information from the top of your SAS log: TS level e.g. TS1M0-4, TS1M5, TS1M6, and the platform prefix i.e. X64_ (64 bit) or W32_ (32 bit). These two varieties determine the download you will get below. (SAS 9.x 64-bit) TS1M0-TS1M4 (SAS 9.x 32-bit) TS1M0-TS1M4 (SAS 9.4 64-bit) TS1M5-TS1M6 (SAS 9.4 32-bit) TS1M5-TS1M6


To locate the folder for installation, search for sas.exe or use your shortcut to SAS. For example, when I right click on my shortcut to SAS and select properties, I get the following:


"C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe"


From this location of sas.exe I add ”\core\sasexe” to get the correct location for traj.dll:


C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\core\sasexe

Note that this is a 64-bit location example for my machine. Your results may differ!


Download from your link, unzip the files, and move traj.dll to the sasexe folder. If your download contains msvcr90.dll, move msvcr90.dll in the folder that contains sas.exe.


Move, and to the sasmacro folder which is the location of "sas.exe" + \core\sasmacro.


NOTE: Trajplot and trajplotnew use SAS/GRAPH; Trajtest uses SAS/STAT


SAS/Unix Downloads: (SAS 9.4 Linux) TS1M5-TS1M6 (SAS 9.x Unix) TS1M0-TS1M4


The traj executables are: c\load\traj for LNX (32-bit) c\loadlax\traj for LAX (64-bit) and c\loadsax\traj for SAX (Solaris for Intel).


Place the traj executable in 



Place,, and in  

!SASROOT/SASFoundation/9.4/sasautos and are two test programs that you can use to verify that the setup has been successful.