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CMU Relay for Life

Pig Kissing

Pig Kissing Contest

Cans will be set up at our tables for people who have volunteered to kiss the pig. Students, faculty, and community could vote for who gets to give the pig a smooch by donating a dollar. The person collecting the most money kisses the pig. All proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Lets Meet our Volunteers

Mug Shot Michael Murphy
Dean of Student Affairs
Mug Shot Mark Stehlik
Dean of the School of Computer Science
Mug Shot Heather Andring
Co-ordinator of Student Activities
Mug Shot Mohanalaksmi Rajakumar
E-Tower Housefellow
Mug Shot
Mug Shot
Erik Michaels-Ober / Julie Beckenstein
Student Body President / Student Body Vice President (Joint Ticket)
Mug Shot Mistina Muscatel
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Mug Shot Divya Jesuraj
Alpha Phi Omega - Kappa Chapter
Mug Shot Tara Raskob
Pittsburgh Community Member

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