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Leaping and Parkour Videos

Leaping with RHex, video attachment to ICRA 2013 paper:

RHex the Parkour Robot:

RHex - The Extended Cut, with additional scenes that didn't make it in the parkour video:

Interviews and News Reels

All-Terrain Robot, or Overexcited Puppy? Live video interview on the Wall Street Journal News Hub:

Univ. of Pennsylvania’s Jumping, Climbing Robot AP video and interview with accompanying article:

The flipping hexapod robot that can climb stairs and jump obstacles Alternate AP video posted on the Telegraph:

Meet RHex, The Parkour Robot Syndicated video:

Compilations and Clips

8 Robots That Will Haunt Your Soul:

Vsauce: Mind Blow #64:

Mashable: Jumping, Swimming, Climbing Robot Will Blow You Away: