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Reese Cluster Policies and Penalties

Reese Cluster Policies

  • No food or drink in the Cluster.
  • No bikes in the Cluster.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages in the Cluster.
  • No removal of any item from the Cluster (paper, toner, color prints w/o paying for them, manuals, etc.)
  • Do not open the rear Emergency Door except in the case of a genuine emergency. Violation of this policy will lead to suspension from the use of Reese for a semester and may lead to further disciplinary action.

First offense: warning (written)
Second offense: one-week suspension from Cluster
Third offense: suspension from Cluster for current semester

Please adhere to these policies as they are for the protection of our facilities and equipment. Please respect property belonging to the School of Design. We are trying our best to improve the facilities and we need your cooperation.


Reese Cluster Lending Hours and Procedure

Location for lending items is A15a MMCH (Round Room inside Reese).

The Reese Cluster lending hours are as follows:

Thursday and Friday, 3-5pm

To schedule lending of any equipment, please email or

When you attempt to return equipment and no one is in the office (A15a MMCH, inside Reese), return it to the Design Main Office (110 MMCH, x8-2828) instead and Ray or I will pick it up later.

Items available for lending:

  • Digital Camera
  • Stock Photography Books & CD's
  • Application Manuals
  • More to come soon...

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