The following tools are included with the Processing software. Select the tool you want to use from the Tools menu of the Processing Environment. These tools are open source; the code is distributed with Processing.

Auto Format

Attempts to format the code into a more human-readable layout. It adds and removes spaces to make the structure of the code clear.

Archive Sketch

Archives a copy of the current sketch in .zip format. The archive is placed in the same directory as the sketch.

Color Selector

Simple interface for selecting colors as RGB, HSB, and Hex values.

Create Font

Converts fonts into the Processing font format and adds to the current sketch. Opens a dialog box which give options for setting the font, its size, if it is anti-aliased, and if all characters should be generated.

Fix Encoding & Reload

Sketches that contain non-ASCII characters and were saved with Processing 0140 and earlier may look strange when opened. Garbled text and odd characters may appear where umlauts, cedillas, and Japanese formerly lived. This will reload your sketch using the same method as previous versions of Processing, at which point you can re-save it which will write a proper UTF-8 version.


Contributed tools must be downloaded separately and placed within a "tools" folder of your Processing sketchbook. (To find the Processing sketchbook location on your computer, open the Preferences window from the Processing application and look for the "Sketchbook location" item at the top.) Copy the contributed tools's folder into the "tools" folder at this location. You will need to create the "tools" folder if this is your first contributed library. Follow the links below for more information about each tool.

Contributed tools are developed, documented, and maintained by members of the Processing community. For feedback and support, please post to the Forum. For development discussions post to the Libraries and Tool Development topic. Instructions for creating your own tool are on the Processing Google Code site.