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example pic
PFont font;
// The font must be located in the sketch's 
// "data" directory to load successfully
font = loadFont("FFScala-32.vlw"); 
text("word", 15, 30); 
fill(0, 102, 153);
text("word", 15, 60);
fill(0, 102, 153, 51);
text("word", 15, 90);
example pic
size(100, 100, P3D);
PFont font;
font = loadFont("FFScala-32.vlw"); 
text("word", 15, 60, -30); 
fill(0, 102, 153);
text("word", 15, 60);
example pic
PFont font;
font = loadFont("FFScala-Bold-12.vlw"); 
String s = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.";
text(s, 15, 20, 70, 70);
Description Draws text to the screen. Displays the information specified in the data or stringdata parameters on the screen in the position specified by the x and y parameters and the optional z parameter. A font must be set with the textFont() function before text() may be called. Change the color of the text with the fill() function. The text displays in relation to the textAlign() function, which gives the option to draw to the left, right, and center of the coordinates.

The width and height parameters define a rectangular area to display within and may only be used with string data. For text drawn inside a rectangle, the coordinates are interpreted based on the current rectMode() setting.

Use the textMode() function with the SCREEN parameter to display text in 2D at the surface of the window.
text(data, x, y)
text(data, x, y, z)
text(stringdata, x, y, width, height)
text(stringdata, x, y, width, height, z)
data String, char, int, or float: the alphanumeric symbols to be displayed
x int or float: x-coordinate of text
y int or float: y-coordinate of text
z int or float: z-coordinate of text
stringdata String: letters to be displayed
width int or float: width of text box
height int or float: height of text box
Returns None
Usage Web & Application
Related textAlign()
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