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// Example by Tom Igoe
// Creates a server that prints new client's IP addresses. 


int port = 10002;   
Server myServer;    

void setup()
  size(400, 400);
  myServer = new Server(this, port); // Starts a server on port 10002

void draw() {
  // Nothing happens here, everything happens inside ServerEvent()

// ServerEvent message is generated when a new client connects 
// to an existing server.
void serverEvent(Server someServer, Client someClient) {
  println("We have a new client: " + someClient.ip());
Description The code inside serverEvent() is run when a new client connects to a server that has been created within the program.
void serverEvent(server, client) {
server Server: server the client is connecting to
client Client: client connecting to the server
statements any valid statements
Usage Application
Related Server
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