A game by Dominic Jonak and Chuck Szeto


Wobble is a last-man-standing game. As a robot, you roll around a platform colliding with your opponents trying to knock them off. Distributed throughout the world are various power-ups to aid you. Eliminated players are placed in the graveyard in the center of the arena. From there, they can hurl charges at the remaining robots.

Here is the original project proposal from October 31st.

Here is our final report discussing the game development.

To play the game you grab our precompiled binary (~3 MB).
This package include sounds, textures and fmod library, it can be invoked with the enclosed runme.sh script. This runs in the linux graphics cluster (gcc 3, glut, GL). The movement controls are WASD/space and right-click on the window to get all sorts of options... it's pretty intuitive except the P button for scores. Oh, and there is an easter-egg... no fair looking through the source to find it!

For the truely motived, you can also have a look at our source code (~4 MB) and compile for your system (again, just run the provided runme.sh script). We put these distributions up for educational purposes only; so you can see how we put it all together and more importantly learn from our mistakes. This is not a finished commercial product, if we were going to sell this we'd have to rewrite the entire thing... the game does have bugs (!), it doesn't scale terribly well, the graphics aren't very flashy, etc. That said, we encourage you to use our code, play with it, even improve upon it - all we ask is a little citation in return.

If you can't get our game to run you can still see it in action, here's a movie we recorded: wobbledemo.mpg (~6.5 MB).

Features and Current Implementation Status

This game is being developed as the final course project for 15-493: Video Game Programming, taught at Carnegie Mellon.


The skybox, camera, and input are working.


Multiple bots working.


Graveyard gets populated with ghosts.


New ring-side camera style and improved physics.

We just made a sharp right and the posse
following us is skidding out of control.


Testing with tons of player-seeking bots!


Colored the bots.
Now the improved AI chases after other bots too.


Uh oh, the platform is shrinking!


Statistics and overlays added.


Texture mapping and new bird's eye camera mode.
Plus a bigger variety of bot types.


Now importing models :)


Added force fields, a velocity meter, powerups
some more AI types, and a collision flash.


Colored the bots to make them look cuter.


Improved the missile powerup
and editted the color scheme.


Contact Us

Mail Dom (dom@cmu.edu) and Chuck (cszeto@andrew.cmu.edu) with your comments, questions, suggestions, and requests. We'd be more than happy to exchange ideas or share code with you. If you'd like to try our game just drop us a line, we're always on the lookout for beta-testers!