kirameki o sagashimashou!

(let's look for the kirameki!)

15-493 Fall 2002 Final Project

Sabrina Haskell & Tawnie Thiessen

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sound working! game state implementation begun! model lighting fixed! npc interaction implemented (but not debugged... ;;^^). pretty text boxes complete with character pictures! some other texturing added also.


collision detection- complete! basic textbox class up, will make it prettier later. :P


model loading and animation implemented! yay! lighting is a bit off, but we're working on that. collision detection still has some problems... but some bugs were fixed.


fixed a whole bunch of minor problems today and yesterday. like being able to collide correctly with all walls except ONE which only worked if you tried to go back after you already went through it. :P and part of the buildings strangely hanging below the ground. :P

stupid bug anecdote of the day: tawnie shouldn't be a cs major anymore. :P~ last night i was declaring a whole bunch of arrays for various things, and because i kept thinking ok, i need 8 things in the array, so that means i count from 0 to 7 (as every good cs major knows), i kept declaring the arrays as having size 7 instead of 8. oops!


webpage up. currently completed- basic camera and control, waffle collision detection, wall/building collision detection, character and waffle models, customized level loading, scoring, timer. in progress: model loading, loose quadtree, text boxes.

to do list:

    ~ sound!
    ~ speaking with npcs
    ~ texturing
    ~ game state (different situations depending on how low the timer is and how many waffles you've collected)
    ~ implement actual goal (the kirameki... but we can't tell you about this, it's a secret :P)
    ~ multiple levels