kirameki o sagashimashou!

(let's look for the kirameki!)

15-493 Fall 2002 Final Project

Sabrina Haskell & Tawnie Thiessen

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last update: 12/12/2002


This game is based on the anime Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, because it's cute, we like it a lot, and there were some good game ideas in it. Hopefully it will not be as bad as most other games based on anime! ;;-_- You are an apprentice weather fairy sent to the human world for training. Your job is to find something called the 'kirameki'. Sure, no problem... except you don't even know what the kirameki is (but it's shiny). You will explore the town, collecting waffles (fairies like to eat waffles), and try to figure out where and what the kirameki is, with the help of your human friend and possibly other fairies and people. Hopefully you can find it before you get so hungry you drop! It will be like a simple RPG/flying game/race against the clock.

technical details

We are developing this game under Linux using OpenGL and C++ at the Wean graphics lab, because our own computers are decrepit dinosaurs.
    ~ third person fixed camera with keyboard and possibly mouse control (if we bother to debug it in time)
    ~ collision detection- sphere and ray-triangle (just like a ray tracer! whee!)
    ~ model loading and animation using Lib3ds (thank you to whoever recommended this... I forget who)
    ~ sound using the fmod library (thank you to mmandel for recommending this to the class)
    ~ loadable, customizeable levels
    ~ loadable, customizeable npc data
    ~ state machine based gameplay