Date Theme Details Deliverables Instructor
11-Jan Basics Class logistics
Overview on Network Analysis
13-Jan The Network Analysis Process and Methodology   Jana
18-Jan Martin Luther King day    
20-Jan Basics Network Visualization   Terrill
25-Jan When images do not suffice: Network analytical measures HW 1 out Terrill
27-Jan Structures,
Models, Processes
Models and Simulation of Network Evolution   Jana
1-Feb Models and Simulation of Network Evolution   Jana
3-Feb Models and Simulation of Diffusion in Networks HW 1 due, HW 2 out Jana
snow days      
15-Feb Groups Subgroups and Cliques
HW 2 due (solutions, data) Terrill
17-Feb Clustering HW 3,4 out Terrill
22-Feb Dyads and Individuals Block models
Ego networks
24-Feb Social capital, structural holes, equivalence   Terrill
1-Mar review day bring any questions you have HW 3,4 due Jana & Terril
3-Mar in class midterm @ Baker 140F   Jana & Terril
8-Mar spring break   mid-semester
10-Mar spring break    
15-Mar Network data Ethics, Privacy, Legality HW 5 (P) out Jana
17-Mar Ethics, Privacy, Legality HW 6 out (solutions) Jana
22-Mar Collection Methods   Terrill
24-Mar Scraping data from the web   Terrill
29-Mar Project workshop 1 We as a class discuss each team's project question and provide feedback HW 5 (P) due,
HW 7 (P) out
Jana & Terrill

Network data:
Words and Networks

Introduction: Using text data for network analysis HW 6 due Jana
5-Apr Natural Language Processing and Relation Extraction from Texts   Jana
7-Apr   Jana
12-Apr HW 8 out Jana
14-Apr Project workshop 2 Work on your project, discuss your project update and any problems with the class and the instructors HW 7 (P) due Jana & Terrill
19-Apr Simulation revisited Construct: A model of meta-network dynamics   Terrill
21-Apr Covert networks Usage of network analysis for investigating crime HW 8 due Jana
26-Apr Relational methods for analyzing covert networks   Jana
Project workshop 3 all project teams present their poster at in-class poster session HW 9 (P) due Jana & Terrill