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Information and Help Resources


Contact the instructor by telephone, email, or during office hours for help with any aspect of the course.


Text CD ROM: The text CD-ROM contains supplemental material (animations etc.).


Attend class: The textbook for this course covers more information than can be taught in one semester. The lectures will cover material that students will need to know to be successful in this course. Also, some of material to be covered in class is not found in the textbook.


Review Sessions are scheduled during the lecture period prior to each exam (see schedule). New material may be given during this time.


Read the text: Base your readings on the lecture notes because this material is considered to be central to the course. Further understanding of the information that is covered in the lectures can be obtained by reading the text.


Do the homework assignments: This material will greatly facilitate your understanding of the material covered on the exams.


Read and work problems for a minimum of 6 hours per week outside of class.



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