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Cell Bio Fair



Four tests will be given during the semester. The lowest test score will be dropped and the other three will account for 50% of the final grade. There will be no make-up exams. You may not miss an exam without prior notification to the instructor and a note from a physician stating the reason for not being able to take the exam. If you miss an exam with appropriate permission, the other exams will be weighted more heavily.


Final Exam, a comprehensive three hour test, will be given during finals week. The final will represent 25% of the final grade.


Problem sets will be assigned on a weekly basis and discussed in the recitation session. Answers will be posted.


Cell Bio Fair is a final project for the class in which groups of up to three students will construct and demonstrate models of cellular functions that were discussed in class. These models will be presented the last days of class (see schedule). The class will judge the quality of the models and prizes will be awarded. These models can take virtually any form from a solid object to a play or song to a computer simulation. The group will provide a one page written description of the how the model works and a description of the biological process being demonstrated. The Cell Bio Fair project will contribute 5% to the final grade.


Tracking your grade. By following the link on the course web site you can check your standing as the semester progresses. On the spread sheet read down any of the columns (e.g. exam#1) to find a score that matches yours. Then read across to confirm that the row contains your scores and to check your standing. Names and student ID numbers are withheld to protect your privacy.


Letter Grade Cut-offs. The guaranteed cutoffs will be as follows: 100-90 = A, 89-80 =B, 79-70 =C. In case the desired grade distribution is not achieved the instructor may adjust these cutoffs slightly.


Cheating of any sort will not be tolerated. For example, if problem set answers are copied from another student, both students will receive zeros; if graded exams are altered and resubmitted for a higher score, the score will be zero. In addition, these and other forms of cheating may also be referred to the Academic Review Board for more severe penalties. This warning has two purposes: 1) to dissuade a small number of students from even thinking about cheating; and 2) to persuade the large majority that they will get a fair grade based on their individual performance. Read Promoting Academic Integrity for a thoughtful discussion of these and other issues. Please take advantage of the Help Resources listed in the next section, especially early in the semester.



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