C Nancy Galbraith: Four Nature Canticles D
performers: Four Nature Canticles
Kent Place Chamber Singers
Lyrica Chamber Orchestra
Adam Waite – conductor
Edel Thomas – Kent Place music director

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program: [01] A Something in a Summers Day – Emily Dickinson
[02] My Star – Robert Browning
[03] From Dewy Dreams – James Joyce
[04] A Prayer in Spring – Robert Frost
release info: CD Baby • 2016 • UPC: 888295653497 • EP (20 minutes)
album notes:

The girls choir at the Kent Place School in Summit NJ teamed up with Lyrica Chamber Orchestra in 2014 for a recording session at the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township (NJ), where the world premiere had taken place two years earlier. Commissioned by Lyrica, Galbraith's choral suite features four nature-based poems by Dickinson, Browning, Joyce, and Frost.

source: nancygalbraith.com