The Parno Group

Experimental neutrino physics at Carnegie Mellon University

PhD Students

  • Luke Kippenbrock (University of Washington): KATRIN background processes
  • Ying-Ting Lin (University of Washington): TRIMS experiment
  • Larisa Thorne (Carnegie Mellon University, co-advised by Gregg Franklin): KATRIN commissioning
  • Ana Paula Vizcaya Hernández (Carnegie Mellon University): Molecular final states in KATRIN

Graduate Students (Research for Credit)

  • Rebecca Rapp (Carnegie Mellon University): Simulations for COHERENT

Visiting Graduate Students

  • Florian Heizmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, June - September 2017): Data blinding and relic neutrinos for KATRIN

Past Group Members

  • Woo-Jeong Baek (July - August 2017)), visiting master's student from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology who worked on simulations for KATRIN and TRIMS.
  • Christine Claessens (June 2016), visiting graduate student from University of Mainz who worked on TRIMS at UW. Presently a PhD student working on Project 8.
  • Laura Bodine (August 2015 - March 2016), postdoc at UW who worked on TRIMS. Presently an instructor in math and computer science at Seattle Central Community College.