82-172 Elementary Japanese II Spring 2005

Study Materials


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Lesson 4, Part 1
Lesson 4, Part 2
Lesson 5, Part 1
Lesson 5, Part 2
Lesson 6, Part 1
Lesson 6, Part 2


Exercise 1-1
Exercise 1-2
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7

LaLL(Learning about Language Learning)

Go to Modern Languages LaLL site.
LaLL materials are restricted only for CMU students. Please work on them when you are on campus as much as possible. If you need to have access to an LaLL site at home, here are some solutions.
    1. Use CMU dial-up connection. You don't have access to an LaLL site with commercial ISPs.
    2. Connect to the university network via Carnage Mellon University Proxy Server at http://access.web.cmu.edu/. You need JAVA and Cookies enabled.
More information should be found at http://www.cmu.edu/computing/ .

Web-based Learning

Hiragana and Katakana practice (created by University of Michigan)
Ultra Kana Challenge Who will be the top 10 players?
The page requires Shockwave plug-in. (created by Purdue University)
BKB kanji learning

Online Dictionary

English to Japanese Dictionary

Study Abroad Information


Summer, Semester, or Year-long Programss
 International Christian University
- year http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/
- summer course http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/scj/  
Institute for the International Education of Students (IES)
- year, semester, or summer http://www.iesabroad.org/
- Every Friday, you will have a work place internship.
Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies
- year or summer http://www.stanford.edu/dept/IUC/

Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF)

-summer http://www.hif.or.jp/en/index.html
These two school have the similar teaching approach.
Princeton in Kanazawa
- summer http://www.princeton.edu/~pii/
The Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU) in Hioke, Shiga
- year or summer http://www.isp.msu.edu/JCMU/
Year-long (mainly Exchange) Only Programs
Keio University (CMU sister school since 1988)
Kansai Gaigo Univeristy
http://www.kansaigaidai.ac.jp/ (Link may not be down now)
Tsukuba University
Nagoya University
- For more information, ask Mitsui sensei (mitsui@andrew.cmu.edu).
Doshisha University
Waseda University

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