82-172 Elementary Japanese II Spring 2005

LaLL (Learning about Language Learning


The blackboard journal is designed to allow students to discuss their language learning experiences across sections. It should help each of you to reflect on your own language learning strategies and compare them with those of others. As you read the postings on the discussion board, please keep in mind that, because we each have different learning styles, what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. On the other hand, what works for you may not have the same effects for others.


This blackboard journal project is counted as a part of the daily homework. 1 point will be given for each of your messages. You will receive NO credit for a single-sentence message such as "I agree with you." and "I do the same things." Your message should be well thought out and summarized in a paragraph. Well thought out messages here refer to the kind of messages involving detailed information, thoughtful personal experience, useful suggestions and comments, and that are useful for enhancing other students' understanding of language learning approaches and processes.


Each student are required to post 2 messages discussing their own language learning experiences and strategies. In discussion 1, Group 1 (students in section A, B, & C) will post original messages, and Group 2 (students in section D, E & F) will reply to the messages posted by Group-1 students. In discussion 2, Group-2 students in turn post original messages, and Group-1 students reply to Group-2 students' messages. You will be expected to post according to the schedule below, but may make additional postings if you wish. You won't receive any credits for your message posted after the deadline.


  1. Go to Blackboard www.cmu.edu/blackboard (If you are looking at this site in the blackboard framework, stay there.)
  2. Go to Communication.
  3. Go to Discussion Board
  4. Post your message there.


Discussion 1 (topic: strength & shortcomings)
Group1 (secA, B, C) - Original message by 9:00am, 1/31 Monday
Group2 (secD, E, F) - Reply to Group1 by 9:00am, 2/4 Friday
Discussion 2 (topic: strategies to overcome your shortcomings)
Group2 (secD, E, F) - Original message by 9:00am, 4/4 Monday
Group1 (secA, B, C) - Reply to Group2 by9:00 am, 4/8 Friday
To students who are responsible for writing a reply.
*** Do not post a reply till the deadline for the other group comes.***


  • As can be seen, EJ II students are divided into 2 groups depending on the sections, Group 1 (sections A, B &C) and Group 2 (sections D, E & F). The groups' responsibilities (either personal reflection regarding the given topic or reply to that reflection) will alternate.
  • Instructions for each posting will be posted on the b-board of the blackboard site prior to the due dates.
  • This b-board discussion is intended to be learner-centered, therefore, the instructors will not intervene in your discussion unless you address questions specifically to them.

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