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12th Annual School of Architecture Steel Deck Competition

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EPIC® Metals Corporation | 11 Talbot Avenue | Rankin, PA 15104 | (877) 696-3742

Posted: Sunday, 5 March 2017

Epic Lecture & Final Brief: 1:00pm, Mon, 6 March 2017in CFA214

Plot DropBox Deadline: 8:30am, Thur, 9 March 2017

Pin-Up Deadline: 10:30am, Thur, 9 March 2017

Closed Jury: 4:30pm, Thur, 9 March 2017

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A Self-Sufficient Shelter for the Environmental Charter School

From the Primitive Hut illustrated by Charles-Dominique-Joseph Eisen in the frontispiece to Essai sur l'Architecture by Marc-Antoine Laugier to the zero energy ETH-Zurich Monte Rosa Hut above Zermatt, Switzerland, shelters and huts hold a fascinating place in the domain of architecture - prodding architects to be sustainable, creative, philosophical and poetic.

The teachers at ECS would like to create a prototype self-sufficient shelter to engage their students in learning about the universe through celestial observations. The prototype shelter will first be installed on their Milton Street site (ground, roof, other?). After using and evaluating the prototype, the design will be refined through iteration and the actual shelters will be constructed and deployed in the Laurel Highlands. The shelter must produce all the energy that its occupants need from bio or renewable energy systems. It must protect the occupants from heat, cold, wind, rain and snow and allow night time observations of the sky.

Epic Metals has agreed to donate the bulk of the materials for the construction of these shelters, so the jury will be considering the creative and expressive use of metal deck products in your design submission.

Design this self-sufficient shelter working in teams of two - have fun.


Four (4) - six (6) sleeping positions on an elevated platform(s) to enable celestial observations and sleep-overs by middle school students and chaperones.

The shelter:

Submission Requirements

Two (2) 24" x 36" Competition Panels (maximum 48" wide when pinned up) with:

One Physical Model

The submissions will be judged anonymously, so please be sure that the names of the team members are not visible to the jury during the judging, but are written on the back of the boards or discretely covered.


Stephen M. Potts, PE, Vice President of Engineering, EPIC Metals Corporation

The 48.305 Advanced Construction Studio Faculty


A total of $2400 will be awarded to the winning teams - $1000 for the First Place Team, $800 for the Second Place Team, $600 for the Third Place Team.

EPIC Metals Corporation is sponsoring a reception at the SoArch Spring Lecture Series on Monday, 10 April 2017 in the CFA Great Hall at which time, the winners will be announced. The top five teams will be notified prior to the event and will be required to be in attendance to receive their public recognition.